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3, 2, 1….

photo of our view of Albuquerque from our neighborhood park

Our favorite view of Albuquerque, from our neighborhood park, Pat Hurley Park.

The countdown is almost over! In two days we will be pulling out of Albuquerque in our vintage Travelmate motor home and embarking on our latest adventure!

The past month has gone by so slowly, yet here we are, about to leave. We had a huge list of things we had to take care of before we could leave for a long absence. There were home repairs and improvements that had to be done so we could rent our house. We had to move all of our belongings that didn’t fit in the RV into storage. There was painting to be done at Chroma Studios. We had chickens to find a new home for. Our two male dogs had to be neutered! Plus, a bunch of other things here and there that popped up.

We do, in fact, still own a business here in Albuquerque. Chroma Studios is still here and going strong. Luckily, for us, it doesn’t take a lot of time to run and our youngest son is looking for experience with managing a business. He is currently enrolled at our local community college, majoring in business. What better way to learn about business than to manage one? He will take care of day to day operations, though we will still oversee everything from afar.

photo of my new painting area in RV

My new space for painting, yes, it’s the table in our RV!

Because we have spent the last month working on preparations for our adventure, we have had to put our music and art businesses on the back burner for the most part. I am so excited to get back to being creative again! It is the one thing that keeps me sane! Let’s just say this past month has been pretty crazy! We did get a few opportunities here and there to be creative, but now, we will be spending ALL our time on our creative endeavors.

I have a new art project to get moving on, we have new songs to write and learn, and of course, I will be blogging regularly about our latest adventures in travel!

Our first stop is a personal one, we will head south on I-25 to Las Cruces, New Mexico to visit with my brother and his wife for about a week before we go west to Arizona. There may also be a stopover in the Gila National Forest for a bit of decompression time, ie peace and quiet away from everything!

My plan/goal is to post a new blog every Tuesday, possibly Thursdays too. If you aren’t already subscribed to my blog, now would be a great time to do so! Stay tuned for more about our adventure! 🙂

Random Thoughts

I’ve decided to start sharing entries from my morning journal. Here’s the first.


What do I really want?

Feeling blah today. No painting ideas just yet.

What is my true, real purpose? Is it really to make art? I don’t know. I need to get my self back or do I? perhaps I need to just “BE” right now. Not sure. Of course I love painting and being an artist. Kinda not into the selling etc. anymore. Tired.

Maybe I’m just avoiding my obvious next step. To take it to the next level.

Afraid of rejection as always.

Feel the fear and do it ANYWAY! Right? Should be, perhaps, but I don’t know.

We had a stray puppy distraction for a day. She showed up on our back step yesterday morning and as soon as we decided to keep her, she disappeared just as quickly as she had appeared. Mini is what we called her. I guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Why am I down today? PMS?

Maybe I’m just losing my mind.

Missing dad.

Overcast skies contribute to my gray mood.

Disappointed in myself for not following things through. For encouraging others, but not myself.

Do I dare publish my thoughts for all to see? Then I would have to be honest with myself. Don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Good reason to go ahead with it.

Still growing on the inside.

Envy creeps in though I fight in back. What an ugly thing, envy…

Love, hope, happiness? From where do these 3 come? self? other? God?

Alone with myself…..I longed for this, waited, wished and dreamed.

I know where I’ve been, had a vision of where I was going, but it’s not as clear now after time has come and gone.

Is it possible for a rebel, risk taker, one who always went after the dream…….to have a midlife crisis? I didn’t think so, but maybe…..

No, it’s just a gray day.

The sun WILL come out again.