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Seven to go!

Finished yesterday, 12x12" oil on canvas, still untitled.

Finished yesterday, 12×12″ oil on canvas, still untitled.

I’ve been busy, busy, busy in the studio this week already! I’ve finished a couple more 12×12″ paintings and I’m currently working on another. That leaves 7 more to finish up from this Summer.

In the past, I’ve released paintings as soon as I finish them. This year that changes. From now on I will release my new work when I have a group of paintings done. They will be released as a collection. The next release will be my Fall 2018 Collection. I’m working towards an October release date, but I have to finish up the last 7 first! I’m not sure how many collection releases I will do in a year, I’m thinking a collection for every season, but it will depend on what I get painted!

Finished and untitled, 12x12

Finished and untitled, 12×12″ oil painting on canvas.

When I do release the new works, they will be released to my email list first. This gives my collectors and people who follow me the first chance to buy my new work. Then I will release them to the general public on my website. Go to my website and subscribe to be one of the first to get a chance to buy my new paintings!

My current work in progress, another 12x12

My current work in progress, another 12×12″ oil on canvas.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve posted a “Hiking the Gila” blog. We have been pretty busy, and though we have gone on a couple of hikes, I have either forgotten the camera, or we’ve hiked a trail I already blogged about. This Thursday I’m planning on another hiking blog. Stay tuned!

Time in the studio at last!

original oil painting in progress

work in progress 1

OK, so it hasn’t been all that long since I’ve had time in the studio….it just feels like it because I’ve been so unproductive lately. I decided that part of my problem was the arrangement of furniture in my studio. The feng shui is all blocked by the clusterf*ck of crap in here. So, now that I’ve rearranged everything it just FEELS so much better. Last night I gessoed a bunch of old paintings so I can paint over them. No point in holding on to a bunch of really bad paintings! I have finally gotten back to painting and here are a couple of progress photos of my most recent piece of work. No title on this one yet. Still not feeling 100% after being sick most of this week. Not thinking very clearly.

original oil painting work in progress

work in progress 2