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It’s done, and I couldn’t be more pleased! This is the first painting I have been seriously pleased with in a long time. This painting came from a place of deep, true LOVE! The green within the heart represents the heart chakra. This image may end up being the “Love, Pass it on” image instead of the original one. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

original oil painting canvas heart love

"Heart Love", 6 x 6" oil on gallery wrapped canvas(sides painted), SOLD!!

My Story

I’ve had something swimming around in my head for years now. My Story, writing it, in book form. While meditating the other day I asked the question, “what next?”. The answer that immediately came to me was that I should be a motivational speaker. I could do that, I thought. I truly don’t mind public speaking and I love to motivate and inspire people to follow their dreams. My question was answered by another question, as my questions often are. How do I do that, and then, where do I start? Well, the answer to this question was, with your life experiences, your story. I have been thinking for some time that I have a pretty good story to tell. As my best girlfriend put it, “Yours is a gripping story of hardship, determination, success and true love.” I would like to add inspiration, following my dreams no matter the cost, insecurity and lots of love. I have already created my outline and will start working on the first chapter as soon as I finish this blog post. I have also already written part of the story here on my blog in “My Art Story; 1991-1995”. There is a lot more to it all now of course. So, stay tuned, I plan to post excerpts of my writing here on the blog as I go along. Hopefully, it won’t take me years to complete. I spend time writing in my journal everyday, so I am going to use that time for writing my book.