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Vinyl Record Mandala

"Happy" 12" acrylic on recycled vinyl record

“Happy” 12″ acrylic on recycled vinyl record

Finished another record painting today. Only 6 more to go for my next show! I’m working on a time lapse video for “Happy” that should be done in time for next week’s blog. By then I will also have a new record started. Have a great weekend! See you next week!

Another week, art auction and wake up calls

Here is this week’s art auction(click image to go to auction). This is one of my “recycled vinyl” paintings, acrylic on LP record. The records I use are either unplayable or my 3rd or 4th copy. I have a few tons of these things!

Acrylic on 12" vinyl, "Dynagroove"

It’s been quite a week! A week ago today I spent the night in the emergency room with chest pains, now I’m feeling much better! Still have more tests to find out what is wrong, but in the meantime I’ve taken the hint and am back on track with my diet and exercise. I’ve cut out alcohol and caffeine. Hopefully all is well, no, I’m sure all will be well! I will write more about that as I know more. 🙂

New Vinyl!

I’ve been in my studio all week, working on new art! I am continuing the vinyl series of acrylic paintings on old records. The two I finished this week are both sizes, 12″ LP record and 7″ 45 record. These are available in my Etsy shop.

Dance, acrylic on 12" vinyl LP record, $70

Here I am, acrylic on 7" vinyl 45 record, $25