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My 2015 Bio/Artist statement

One of my least favorite tasks when it’s time to revamp my site and shop is to write a new Biography/Artist Statement. I’ve written plenty of them over the years, but it never gets easier to write about myself in third person! I just finished the first draft of my new Bio and I am going to share it with you all here for one BIG reason. Can I ask you all a favor? Will you PLEASE read over this bio and give me some feedback? Not all nicey nice feedback, but REAL no holds barred feedback. Please, let me know what you think? Is the grammar correct? Do any of the sentences sound redundant? Is there a better way to say what I’m saying? Be honest! Thank you in advance for your help and without further ado, here it is!

Paula Manning-Lewis has been a professional artist since the young age of 21. Paula first decided to pursue a career as an artist because she wanted to be able to stay home with her kids. Now that her three sons are grown, she has more time to devote to her favorite past time.

Being creative is her passion. Whether she’s painting on canvas, vinyl records, or recycling old beat up guitars, making drawings for her next coloring book, creating designs for fine art needlepoint or creating functional pieces in fabric on a sewing machine, she lives to be creative. Art is her purpose, spreading love, joy and peace is her goal and living her dream of making a living with her art is nonnegotiable. Art isn’t only something she does it is a spiritual expression from the deepest part of her soul. The art Paula creates is inspired by her Divine Source through daily meditation. Her connection to Spirit is highly important to her process. She is constantly aware of her intuition and enjoys trying out new forms of creative expression.

In addition to her visual and functional art, Paula is a singer in the group, Sunlight, with her husband, Aaron Lewis. Together, they also own Chroma Studios, an Albuquerque business and community where musicians and artists rent private studio spaces in a professional working environment. One of their biggest joys in this business is to encourage and mentor other artists and musicians to follow their dreams.


original abstract heart flower oil painting on canvas board

Passion, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, $75

Yesterday was a wonderful painting day! I finished a painting that I had been carrying around in my head for a couple of days. Rarely do I have a painting complete in my head like that. Usually, they reveal themselves as I paint. This one was PURE inspiration! This one came straight from the Divine Source of all LOVE! I truly enjoy being a medium for love and art, I feel blessed in fact! The other painting here is a work in progress, no title yet. The brown parts are the natural linen canvas showing through. I plan to leave these areas alone and will paint all of the white areas.

original abstract flower sun oil painting on canvas

Untitled, 20 x 20" oil on canvas, work in progress

Getting back to the dream

Up bright and early this morning. Seems I have been waking up early a lot lately. These are the times when I wish my studio was at home. Then I could grab my coffee and hit the studio bright and early. I am finally getting myself back, back to my true passion, painting! The gallery has taken up a big majority of my time the past few years. It’s so nice to finally have someone helping me out with that work, so I can have more studio time. Cari Pier is also an incredible artist and a friend. I am so grateful for her help and luckily for me, she is grateful to help out with the gallery!

Today I plan to work in my studio all day, I have started a new painting and hope to finish it up. I will post progress photos later today. Also, I have one of my paintings in our gallery silent auction for charity. There is one  bid so far, but it’s still an awesome deal! The retail price is $800 and the bid is at $200 currently. I will also post a photo of that painting once I get to the studio. I’m currently at home on my laptop and don’t have any photos here.

Now I’m just rambling on. I am writing this blog to let you all know that I intend to blog more often now that I have more time. I must get back to my passion! Sharing my art and love of art with the world! I figured out that my dad’s death got me seriously off track and it’s taken 2 1/2 years to get back on track. When my dad died it was like a piece of me died with him and I had a difficult time getting back to my painting routine. So, I threw myself into our business; the studios and the gallery. Not that this was a bad thing, I have met some amazing artists and created a wonderful community here at Chroma. I wouldn’t give that up for the world! Hopefully, all the Chroma artists will understand that I’m in a new phase of life and it’s time to get back to ME! Just typing that makes me feel a twinge of guilt, but I can’t let that stop me! I have had a couple sessions with a life coach and it’s been really good for getting rid of that guilt. If I can’t take care of and love myself, I can’t help others. One of my main goals with the gallery is helping artists find their passion. That’s not going to change. Only now I will inspire them to follow their dreams by actions, not words! That said, I need to get down to the studio! I hope today is a wonderful day for all and that you find a way to follow your passions, whatever that may be!