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Finally! Back to my easel!

I haven’t had much creative time lately. I’ve been working on business stuff, marketing, printing, getting my portfolio together, etc. etc. So, today, I decided that I was getting way too cranky and it was time to get back to painting! I have done several new needlepoint designs and even created my first coloring book since the New Year, but I haven’t broken out the oil paints since last year! The paints on my palette have dried up for crying out loud! So, after scraping off all the dried up paint (what a waste, I hate when I do that!) and squeezing out some different colors for my first daily journal painting of 2012, I decided on the title of my first piece before I even placed a brush in water. Balance. Something I desperately need in my life right now. I really cannot let myself go this long without being creative! I get so cranky and irritable! So, without further ado, here is my newest and first painting of 2012.

original oil painting on canvas board

Balance, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, $50