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Getting started on Mural Projects!

I recently posted on facebook that I would like to start doing more mural projects. In response, I have two murals lined up!

mural sketches

The mural process begins with sketches…

The first one will be on the back patio wall of a personal residence. Today, I started working on sketching some ideas. I’m thrilled that I have free reign with the designs, because I really want to work on my own style in mural form. I have more freedom with the first mural. The woman I am painting it for is a collector of art in general and my art in particular. I was excited when I made my first site visit to see her tastes are colorful and eclectic. We have very similar taste!

The second mural is at a local high school. My sketches will have to be approved by the Principal. The high school art teacher (a friend of mine) has a general idea that I will be working with. This mural will be a project to create a sanctuary spot on campus for the large population of immigrant and refugee students to feel safe and welcome. The basic idea there is a spiral with different colored hands around it. I am thinking I will turn the spiral into a giant sunflower with the hands in the middle section around the spiral.

Last week, I visited both sites, made some measurements and spoke with the clients about what they wanted. This week I will make several sketches so there are choices to pick from. Once I have approval, I will gather my supplies and get started! I’m unsure if the High School mural will happen this school year or even in the Summer. It may have to wait until school starts back up in the Fall. We are going to include kids in the process which will be fun! I will have a group of young artists to help with the painting once the design has been drawn.

Would you like me to paint a mural for you? Contact me and let’s talk!

New Project for the New Year!

coloring book design

Coloring book design #1, markers and crayons!

I’m really excited about the project I’m currently working on! Browsing around Etsy the other day, I came across a coloring book. Coloring book……what an awesome idea for my art! I am planning on 20 pages for the first book. I say first, because I already have ideas for at least 3 collections of coloring book art. It is making me feel like a kid again! I am truly enjoying playing with the markers and the crayons…..and yes, of course I’m coloring all the designs as I go! I hope to have the first book done in mid January and it will be available in BOTH printed AND .pdf formats. That way, you can color with crayons or with Paint on the computer! 🙂 Personally, I prefer the hands on feeling of crayons and markers, but I’m just old fashioned like that! 🙂

UPDATE 1/3/12: My first coloring book is now available in my Etsy shop in both printed and PDF formats! Check it out HERE!