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Healing Heart DONE!

Healing Heart, 12 x 12" oil on canvas, $195

This is the first completed painting in a new series. The painting is called “Healing Heart”. The series is dedicated to the healing arts and more specifically to healing “artists”. Thank you for the love and healing you give so selflessly!


Docuart and Healing Series

original oil painting on board

Healing Hands, work in progress, 18 x 24" oil on board

Today was a fun day! Not only did I get to spend several hours working on two new paintings, but I had a visitor while I painted. Justin Thor Simenson of Imagination Included Photography is a friend and an amazing local artist here in Albuquerque. I first met him through my gallery when he came in looking for a place to show his work. I was so impressed by his work and later with all the wonderful ideas he came up with. He earned the nickname the Idea guy during the two years he was represented at the gallery because he always had the best ideas for different projects.

One of the many ideas he had is “Docuart”. Last year he got together with my husband, guitarist Aaron Lewis, and shot a series of photographs along with audio recording an interview about his music making. Justin then edited the photos and interview into a slide show/video. We have been discussing doing the same thing with my art, and finally got around to doing just that today. It will be a little while before I have the finished “Docuart” to post, because now he has quite a bit of editing to do. I promise to post the finished video as soon as it’s done!

original oil painting on canvas

Healing Heart, work in progress, 12 x 12" oil on canvas

During this process, I started a new series of paintings. This new series is based on healing arts, massage, reiki, etc., and revolves around my hand prints. The photos in this post are progress pics of the two I started today. They are still works in progress. I’m really excited about this series! It was fun getting my hands covered in paint and I think they will be pretty awesome once they are done.