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Dead Apple Farm Furniture

Child’s desk by Jay Lester

I decided to share with you today, a young up and coming artist/craftsman by the name of Jay Lester. Jay is the owner/craftsman at Dead Apple Farm Furniture and also my second cousin. His grandfather and my grandfather were brothers. We didn’t meet until a few years ago, I think it was actually 2002, but I can’t remember for sure. I also don’t remember all the details of our meeting, except for the fact that I got a phone call explaining that my young cousin was hitch hiking/riding the bus/exploring the USA all the way from Maine and was going to be coming through Albuquerque, NM.

Of course we invited him to come stay with us and we had a lovely time getting to know this relative that I had never met before. He ended up staying in Albuquerque for about a month. A week with us and several weeks at one of the local Route 66 motels. He spent Thanksgiving with us, played football with my boys and generally hung out. About a year later, we traveled across the country with our family and visited his family in Portland, Maine. What a wonderful group of people! It was a great visit and we were just a bit surprised that none of their family likes lobster, and they live in the lobster capital of the USA! However, they did make us a delicious lobster pie that we all still remember.

Fast forward several years, my young cousin is now married with a couple of kids of his own. He is working on starting up his own business, Dead Apple Farm Furniture. He builds beautiful pieces using reclaimed wood and using crayon sketches as his inspiration. He currently has a kickstarter project going to raise funds to expand his wood shop. Please, if you have a minute, check out his project, watch the video, and pledge to help out his project. There are 17 days left on his kickstarter project and he is a third of the way to his funding goal. The rewards he is offering for funding go from a crayon sketch all the way up to one of his whimsical toy/blanket chests.

I love supporting young artists/craftmen, this is the good stuff of life!