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Finding Balance

I’m working on finding some balance in life right now. Now that we have the gallery/studios/performance space, a 15 year dream, it’s as if I’ve gone back to having a full time job again! I’ve been finding it difficult to make time for my art again. So, this week I’ve worked on getting my studio clean, doing more organizing, in hopes of having some motivation to get back to painting! I have done a bit of painting over the past month, but it’s sporadic at best. It’s been very difficult to carve out dedicated time to spend in the studio, I’m really trying to get the gallery going strong, taking lots of time out helping other artists, etc. But I find myself feeling somewhat resentful towards all the people taking up my time. I don’t like that feeling. I love the feeling of helping others achieve their dreams, but not at the expense of shelving my own. What to do?

Luckily, my kids are taking up less and less of my time. My youngest son turns 17 in November and he hates it when I baby him too much. The older two are out on their own, going to college, I see them mainly when they need to do their laundry or if they are out of food and money! Next month I turn 40! I’ve actually always looked forward to my 40s, kids all grown up, empty nest time(hopefully!) and now, all my life dreams have come true! We got rid of the cable TV at home, so we are watching Netflix exclusively now. More time for my art right? Should be. I guess I need to just put my foot down and lock myself up in my studio, turn off my phone and computer and get back to it! OK, fine! That’s what I’ll do, NOW! Bye, thanks for reading this all the way through and being my sounding board.