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Yin Yang of Love 2

original oil painting on canvas yin yang love

Yin Yang of Love 2, 12 x 12" oil on canvas, work in progress

I started a second canvas with the same theme as the last, smaller “Yin Yang of Love”. This one is 12 x 12″ and I changed the color scheme up just a bit too. This is still a work in progress, I’m thinking about adding in some lines and swirls in the background too. So, in the end, this one will look quite a bit different from the first version.

The Yin/Yang of Love

original oil painting, daily journal on canvas board

Yin/Yang of Love, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, $50

Here is my latest daily journal painting. I painted this one on Saturday and today I’m starting a larger version of this “sketch”. This image bowled me over on Saturday morning, I HAD to paint it right away. Unfortunately, images don’t always come to me that forcefully. Funny how art imitates life sometimes. There has been quite a bit of turmoil around my house the past couple of days, maybe it’s life imitating art in this case, since the painting was done first. Perhaps I had a premonition of what was coming, actually, barreling towards me. Maybe it’s the largest solar storm in years causing the jump in crazy energy around here. It could just be my pms, or maybe I’m finally hitting menopause! LOL! All I know is I am completely drained of all positive energy right now and I’m having a difficult time staying positive and upbeat, which is somewhat unusual for me. I’m usually the one preaching “you are what you think about”. Anyway, this is where my art comes in, it’s always been my therapy. So, today I’m working on a larger version of this painting which has obviously stirred up some emotions that I need to work out or through or whatever. Peace, love and happiness to all! 🙂

Art Opening: This Friday and Saturday, 5-8pm!

Working on finishing up my latest series which I will premiere at this weekend’s art opening. The paintings are all complete, just getting the frames done and finishing it all up. “Exposed Emotions” is a new series of paintings that I have been working on for the last couple of months. I’m really excited about this series as it is something quite a bit different for me. The paintings are on stretched linen with parts of the beautiful canvas showing through. That is the “Exposed” part. The emotions refer to the subjects and titles of the paintings. Bliss, Happy, Passion, Euphoria, Love Consciousness, Unconditional Love, and Love is the Thread are the titles of the seven paintings. The show is a two evening opening and the show will be open by appointment only for the month of November. We will also have an open studio event happening at the same time. There will be around 3 other artists with their studio doors open for the evenings. My eldest son, Bryan Beck, who is also an artist, is also showing his latest series of portraits. They are all pencil drawings. I am so proud of him for following in his mom’s footsteps! Hope to see lots of locals at this weekend’s opening. The location is 1606 Central Ave. SE suite 201, the Central location of Chroma Studios.

Back to painting once again…

original oil painting on linen canvas exposed emotions

Consciousness, 20 x 20" oil on exposed linen canvas, work in progress

Finally! A full day in my studio with nothing else I have to get done! Still working on the Exposed Emotions series of paintings. The two posted here and just about done. Maybe a small touch up here or there, but basically done.

original painting oil on canvas exposed emotions

Euphoria, 20 x 20" oil on exposed linen canvas, work in progress

Emotions Exposed…

photo of prepped canvas

Canvas prepped and waiting to be painted, white areas are gesso, leaving areas of blank raw canvas.

Starting a new series. Painted on a nice gray linen, I decided to leave parts of the canvas exposed to show the beauty of the canvas alone. Each painting will be named after an emotion, all positive emotions. So, I came up with the obvious name for the series, “Emotions Exposed”. So far I have four of the 7 paintings started. All are still works in progress.

original oil painting on exposed canvas

Star of Love, 20 x 20" oil on exposed linen canvas, work in progress

original oil painting on exposed linen canvas

Love is the Thread, 20 x 20" oil on exposed linen, work in progress

original oil painting on exposed canvas emotions

Exposed Three, 20 x 20" oil on canvas, work in progress

original oil painting on canvas exposed emotion

Exposed Four, 20 x 20" oil on canvas, work in progress