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Creativity: Art Pillows Galore!

Pile of art pillows made by Paula Manning-Lewis

Pile of pillows currently in my studio and available for purchase!

Do you love soft things like I do? Then I have a sweet art pillow you may LOVE! I finished up a new heart pillow yesterday. It has stripes of green, yellow and red on one side and my daisy art fabric on the other side.

I really LOVE making these sweetheart pillows! They are the perfect size to take with you when traveling by car, bus, train or airplane. They make a great neck pillow! Plus, with a neck pillow like this, you will be the envy of your fellow travelers! Just fit the crook of the heart on the back of your neck. Perfect fit.

As with ALL of my pillow designs, you can have a custom pillow made, choosing your own favorite fabrics and colors. Contact me directly at plewis11@comcast.net for more information. Don’t forget, I also make “Memorial pillows” to help you remember your lost loved ones, using a favorite shirt or any piece of clothing.

I’m working on releasing some other fabric designs very soon. If you have any thoughts on any of my images you would love to see in fabric form, please let me know! I’m open to suggestions.

Next up, more peace sign pillows! Stay tuned or better yet, subscribe to my blog in the upper right hand corner of this page for automatic updates. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! Have a glorious, love filled day!


Finally! Back to my easel!

I haven’t had much creative time lately. I’ve been working on business stuff, marketing, printing, getting my portfolio together, etc. etc. So, today, I decided that I was getting way too cranky and it was time to get back to painting! I have done several new needlepoint designs and even created my first coloring book since the New Year, but I haven’t broken out the oil paints since last year! The paints on my palette have dried up for crying out loud! So, after scraping off all the dried up paint (what a waste, I hate when I do that!) and squeezing out some different colors for my first daily journal painting of 2012, I decided on the title of my first piece before I even placed a brush in water. Balance. Something I desperately need in my life right now. I really cannot let myself go this long without being creative! I get so cranky and irritable! So, without further ado, here is my newest and first painting of 2012.

original oil painting on canvas board

Balance, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, $50