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New Series/multicanvas Piece

orange and green hearts in progress

orange and green hearts in progress, side view

Once again dragging myself back to my easel. I don’t understand why it can be so difficult to get back to doing something I love so much. It seems I always find a distraction. Not this week darnit!

orange heart in progress

Orange heart in progress, underpainting done!

I recently purchased a nine pack of 6 x 6″ canvases. They are the 1 1/2″ deep canvas I love so much. While opening the package I began to contemplate the way they come packaged. A neat little square of 9 canvases, 3 x 3, all shrinkwrapped nice and pretty. Wouldn’t it be cool to do one piece on the nine different canvases? What do they call that I wonder? Is there a name? Two canvases together to form one painting is called a diptych, three together is called a triptych, so perhaps a niptypch? 🙂 I still haven’t decided if they will be sold as one piece or split into 9 individual paintings that could go together but don’t necessarily HAVE to go together. We’ll see once it’s done and I get a feel for them as a whole.

green heart painting in progress

Green heart in progress, underpainting done!

Anyway, today’s photos are just the beginning. These are two of the nine canvases with their underpainting done, but much more progress to come. Stay tuned for more progress pics coming soon! (After I do a bit more painting that is!)