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Print Clearance Sale

original oil painting Balance

I’ve been mulling over a big decision for over a year now and have decided it’s time! I’m discontinuing my art prints. They take up too much time and space, plus it seems everyone is leaving me behind in the 20th century with digital prints. It makes so much sense in this age of print on demand and everyone having high quality printers hooked up to their home computers.

Unfortunately, I have quite the stock of art prints, all matted and ready to go. To clear out more space in my studio, I’m currently having a Clearance Sale! 40% off on ALL of the art prints in my Etsy shop! All you need to do, is use the coupon code, PRINTCLEARANCE40, at checkout and you will receive 40% off! This sale ends on January 25th.

Once this sale is over, I am going to list print images in digital format. The coolest thing about this format is once you purchase your image, the download is immediate once your payment is made. No more waiting for the mail to come! There are a few pluses to this format, you can print any size you want (up to a certain size, depending on image size), you can use my art files for invitations, crafts like scrap booking or any other place you can think of. You can also take them to your local print shop and have your own wall prints made, on any paper you choose or on canvas!

The only limit is these images are available for personal use only. If you want to resell these images, you must first get my written permission and pay licensing fees. The copyright still belongs to me, you are purchasing the image only.

I’m also planning to bring back some older images that haven’t been available for some time. My Peace Series for one. Stay tuned….

Getting back to the weekly art auctions!

Here’s the new art auction for this week. Starting bid on all of my art auctions is now $20. This is a newer painting, completed a the beginning of 2012. Click on the image to go to the auction page.

Balance, original oil painting on canvas board

Balance, 8 x 8″ oil on canvas board, $20 starting bid

Finally! Back to my easel!

I haven’t had much creative time lately. I’ve been working on business stuff, marketing, printing, getting my portfolio together, etc. etc. So, today, I decided that I was getting way too cranky and it was time to get back to painting! I have done several new needlepoint designs and even created my first coloring book since the New Year, but I haven’t broken out the oil paints since last year! The paints on my palette have dried up for crying out loud! So, after scraping off all the dried up paint (what a waste, I hate when I do that!) and squeezing out some different colors for my first daily journal painting of 2012, I decided on the title of my first piece before I even placed a brush in water. Balance. Something I desperately need in my life right now. I really cannot let myself go this long without being creative! I get so cranky and irritable! So, without further ado, here is my newest and first painting of 2012.

original oil painting on canvas board

Balance, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, $50