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Creativity: “Inner Love”

Today I finished the painting I started on Friday. As you can see from past paintings, purple, red and yellow is one of my favorite color combos. It feels regal to me. The contrast of the complementary colors, purple and yellow, with the red tossed into the mix, is like visual joy to me.

This is another “in spirit” or inspired painting, as it came to me in my Friday morning meditation. These are usually my best and most significant paintings. They are coming directly from my spiritual source. “I Am That, I Am”. Some people call it God. Whatever name you call it, it is the spiritual source from which we all come.

This painting is another piece in my “All About Love” series. I paint a lot about love because I truly believe it’s the one thing we need more of in this world. All you need is love!


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All about love poster image

“All About Love Series” giclee poster/print, 13 x 14″, available for $50

I decided after a long weekend drive to Arkansas and back (to pick up our middle son and bring him home), that it is TIME to get back to work on my art! Today, I am working on getting my latest line of prints organized. I have chosen 50 of my images, some old, some new and my plan is to get these prints out into the world. Galleries, gift shops, online shops, wherever I can. Today’s photo is of my latest poster print, a collage of my latest series, “All About Love”. All 9 images from the series are now included in one giclee poster/print. The printed size is 13 x 14″ and it is available for $50 which includes shipping. It will eventually be listed in my Etsy shop, but you can also order it directly from me by sending an email with your request to plewis11@comcast.net.

I hope you are having a lovely day! Here in Albuquerque, it’s been rainy, cloudy and COOL! YAY Autumn! My second favorite season. 🙂

Back at it!

All About Love 2 original oil painting on canvas

All About Love 2, 6 x 6″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted

It’s feeling really great to be back at work, loving the feeling of the paint on the palette, then the canvas, then……. Grateful for my wonderful life…… 🙂

Here’s what I worked on today. #1 & 2 of a 9 canvas series called “All About Love”.

original oil painting on canvas All About Love 1

All About Love 1, 6 x 6″ oil on gallery wrapped canvas, sides painted

vacation over!

Back at work on a new series

Back at work on a new 9 canvas series

It wasn’t really that long a vacation! There has just been a LOT going on around here lately. Took some time off from painting, since I was feeling dried up of ideas. Sometimes, time off to recharge the creative batteries is a good thing! I think so anyway, and it has proven true as I am excited to get back to my art and have many ideas flowing through my head.

back at work two

currently working on….

Currently, I am picking back up on an idea I started over a month ago. The name came to me today as I painted. “All About Love”. This is actually part series, part multi-canvas piece. 9 – 6 x 6″ canvases all with a heart in different color combinations. That’s the beginning….. These are still works in progress.

All About Love

“All About Love”, nine 6 x 6″ canvases, work in progress