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Been a while….

Time is flying by like crazy right now! Lots of stuff happening as always, decided I should post an update in case you were wondering. We have decided to move our studios back to our house. We are almost to empty nest status with the youngest about to leave home, so we have tons of room. Currently our studios are downtown in the Chroma on Roma space, however we are being taken over by bands! This is really not a bad thing, it’s really awesome having so many bands jamming down there! It just makes sense to clear out a couple more studios and rent them out. There are still a couple of artists downtown, but it’s starting to look like Central is the artist location and downtown is the musician/band location. Another thing is that we don’t have the gallery anymore and don’t have a reason to be downtown everyday. Parking is always an issue. Commuting daily is no fun. Anyway, as you can see, there are lots of reasons why we will no longer have a studio in our own studio rental business! Pretty ironic really, we started Chroma because we didn’t have room at the house with all three boys living there. Now that Chroma is staying full most of the time (we currently rent 23 studios with 3 available plus the 3 we use), we are moving our studios home to a big empty house.

As far as my art goes, working on several projects right now. Still working on the “Love…Pass it On” painting. Getting my portfolios together to start searching for more licensing opportunities. I hope to have my designs put on fabric above all! I am also working on my next video blog which is all about my art licensing story. My eldest son has inspired me to start making t-shirts. He is now selling his own art and t-shirts with his art on them. You can see his Etsy shop HERE. I’m so proud of him for following his heart and becoming an artist!

So that’s about it for now, time to go move some art and glass! Joy!