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Step Four: Replacement (Overcoming my Facebook Addiction)

This was supposed to be step three, but I had a little Backslide. That’s ok though, I’m only human! I’m now working on replacing my addiction with something healthier and better for my career in general. I’m taking an online course in Web Development. I actually signed up for the course over a year ago, but got sidetracked by, you guessed it! FACEBOOK! The one plus side to this sidetrack is the course was recently updated and includes much more information than I would have learned had I finished the course last year as intended.

I’m taking the class on a great site called Udemy. I’ve also taken a Reiki class on the site and I really enjoy the self paced format, not to mention the online access. I don’t have to sit in a classroom on someone else’s schedule, I pick my class time. Of course, this can be good and bad depending on how focused you may be. As in my case, it was bad and then later became a good thing! haha.

The reason I’m taking this class is to refresh my web design skills. It’s been 16 years since I graduated with my Associates in Applied Science for Computer Engineering Graphics! Obviously, things have changed quite a lot online since June 2000! I like to have control of my own websites and it makes sense as a small business owner and artist, to maintain my own web presence. Plus, it gives me something to do online, OTHER than facebooking!

It also makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. If all goes as intended, you will see some really awesome changes to my websites (I have two, one for my art and the other for my Studio business) in the near future.

Tomorrow, I will share more creativity and what I’ve been working on this week! Hint: I finished the painting I posted the progress pic of yesterday! πŸ™‚ Stay tuned, or better yet, subscribe to my blog in the upper right hand corner! πŸ™‚


Step Three: Backslide…(Overcoming my Facebook addiction)

Aaaaaand, start over! I WAS doing pretty well with staying off Facebook, then another Primary Tuesday came around. In addition to my Facebook addiction, I’m a political junkie! I keep my political stuff away from my blog and I won’t mix politics with business. Let’s just say this election season is quite exciting.

I’ve had a minor backslide but I CAUGHT myself this time, before WEEKS passed! I’m still determined to beat this crazy, lazy addiction. My step three was going to be, “Replacing the Addiction”, but I’m human and sometimes humans aren’t perfect. πŸ˜‰

I won’t beat myself up over it, I will start over again tomorrow. Tomorrow I will work on replacing Facebook with an online web development course. Learning more information on setting up my website the way I want it and not just the easy, free template here on WordPress.

I spent the morning being creative. I’m working on a new pillow design that I will share with everyone here on the blog tomorrow. I ran out of stuffing and once it’s stuffed, I will share. πŸ™‚

Today also happens to be my 9 year anniversary on WordPress! I cannot believe it’s been that long! Counting my time on Blogger, I’ve now been blogging for 15 years! Here’s to another 15! That is, if blogging is still around in 15 years, the way technology is advancing these days, who knows! I hope everyone is having a happy, happy Wednesday!

Overcoming my addiction to Facebook


Hello, my name is Paula Manning-Lewis and I’m a facebook addict. They say the first step is admitting you have a problem. Here you go.

I have been on Facebook since 2009. In those almost 7 years I have spent countless hours, days, heck, MONTHS wasting away my time on this terribly addicting social media website. You could say I’m a facebook expert, I’ve easily spent over 10,000 hours there! I’ve mastered the art of social media. To the extent where I no longer have a life, or at least not much of one, outside of social media. I have successfully transferred all friendships and contacts to facebook. I don’t even HAVE a regular address book anymore.

My poor husband has suffered from being ignored. For years I’ve used the excuse that I was using Facebook as a work tool. I was “selling” my art after all. That was all fine and dandy until they changed the way business pages were seen by my followers. Now, I am just spinning my wheels there. There is no purpose to it other than wasting time, pretending to get some benefit out of social media.

Once I realized I had a problem, I tried to limit my time on the site, with little to no success. I have always considered myself a smart person, I KNOW this addiction is bad for me. I KNOW it’s hurting my business and some of my close relationships.

Now, after a couple of YEARS trying to beat my addiction, I’ve decided to take the bull by the horns and REALLY do something about it! Honestly, I have never been an addictive type personality!

So, I’ve headed back to my blog, to write about my process and possibly during my process, I can help someone else who has the same issue. I am planning to get back to my blogging, something I’ve done since 2000, and let it help me beat my addiction the way the folks in AA use coffee and cigarettes to beat theirs ;-).

My goal is to blog everyday, Monday-Friday. I will let you all in on what’s working for me and when I slip back into my old habits. I feel like I can do this better in the public eye by creating accountability for my actions.

For those of you who may have clicked through to this blog post via my Facebook post, I have my blog automatically set up to share my posts on Facebook. That way, I don’t have to actually GO there to share my blog with all my friends! πŸ˜‰ Please feel free to say something if you happen to see me ON facebook. I need all the help I can get!