Spiral Mandala Coloring Book II

Coloring Books

Needlepoint designs

Recycled Guitar paintings

Recycled Vinyl paintings

4 responses to “Portfolio

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  2. Wow amazing work and I really love your themes as they are very similar to my own.I live in Northern Canada and am now trying to get my work out but being that this my third career I am a baby again.I was wondering if you had any advice on getting started on the internet .Your work came to me through Mind Power News and has caught my eye at a very great time as I would like to be ready to display and sell my work and others by the spring to go hand in hand with a gallery space a group of us are opening.Thankyou for the great inspiration today as I head to my paints.Wishing you the best over the holidays peace live4love always sis so

  3. Love the new works Paula, Awesome!

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