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Back home now

Home sweet home! Our trip was a blast! The concert was incredible! Plus we had some great visits with some long time friends.

I can’t forget to mention that I met fellow blogger, Cynthia Guajardo, at the Summer Art Market in Denver. I forgot my camera that day, so she took the pics with hers. Follow the link to see them. I bought a wonderful vase from her, I will get a photo posted later. I also just received a card from her in the mail with a wonderful fabric postcard, thanks Cynthia! She is such a sweet lady!

The Police concert was the best concert I’ve ever seen! The opening band was Fictionplane, whose lead singer/bassist happens to be Sting’s son. They were awesome! We got their cd, they were so good. The Police played all my favorite songs, and it was so incredible to see Stewart Copeland banging away on the drums in person!

On Sunday, June 10th, we spent the day up north of Fort Collins, visiting the spot next to the Poudre river where we were married, and eating dinner at the diner where we used to regularly go when we lived there.

When we came back, rather than driving straight down I-25, we decided to travel the back roads thru Alamosa, Colorado and Taos, NM. Beautiful drive! I doubt we will ever travel I-25 going north again.

Anyway, today(and most likely all weekend) I will be busy moving in to my new studio at the Factory on 5th. I will post some photos of our trip and the new studio once I get the computer all set up there. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!!!

Quick Post

…..To let everyone know I’m still alive, just SUPER busy!

Tomorrow is my Open Studio with my husband’s House Concert, Sunday and Monday I’ll be at an Arts & Crafts Show here in town, and next week we are looking for an (outside the house) office/studio space that my husband and I can share.

This has been a super busy week for personal reasons too, my youngest son graduated from Middle School yesterday! Where did the time go? My baby will be in high school in August! Plus this was my husband’s last week as a public school music teacher.

Also, this evening, my brother and his band will be in Albuquerque to play a gig and they always crash at our house when they are here.

Hopefully, next week I will get a chance to breathe for a minute or two before we start getting ready for our Denver trip. We leave on the 7th of June. I hope to meet a couple of my blog friends while I’m there (Cynthia and Mary?).

AND I can’t wait to see The Police concert on the 9th!!!! 🙂

The 10th is our 10th wedding anniversary, so we will spend the day up north of Fort Collins at Lake Watson. We were married there in an outdoor ceremony. For anyone that didn’t know, we lived in Colorado for four years while we attended college.

I apologize for the gap between postings, I will try to keep up with the blog to let everyone know what’s up!

The Best 10th Anniversary I could ask for!

I am so excited I can hardly contain myself! We just got tickets for The Police show in Denver this summer!! This is like a dream come true, I never thought they would go on tour again and I definitely never thought I’d be able to go! The best part is, this is my 10th anniversary present from my wonderful hubby!

So, in celebration of my excitement, I’m putting some of my paintings at special prices in my etsy shop! Check out the Clearance section for the specials.