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Creativity: Art Pillows Galore!

Pile of art pillows made by Paula Manning-Lewis

Pile of pillows currently in my studio and available for purchase!

Do you love soft things like I do? Then I have a sweet art pillow you may LOVE! I finished up a new heart pillow yesterday. It has stripes of green, yellow and red on one side and my daisy art fabric on the other side.

I really LOVE making these sweetheart pillows! They are the perfect size to take with you when traveling by car, bus, train or airplane. They make a great neck pillow! Plus, with a neck pillow like this, you will be the envy of your fellow travelers! Just fit the crook of the heart on the back of your neck. Perfect fit.

As with ALL of my pillow designs, you can have a custom pillow made, choosing your own favorite fabrics and colors. Contact me directly at for more information. Don’t forget, I also make “Memorial pillows” to help you remember your lost loved ones, using a favorite shirt or any piece of clothing.

I’m working on releasing some other fabric designs very soon. If you have any thoughts on any of my images you would love to see in fabric form, please let me know! I’m open to suggestions.

Next up, more peace sign pillows! Stay tuned or better yet, subscribe to my blog in the upper right hand corner of this page for automatic updates. Thank you so much for visiting my blog today! Have a glorious, love filled day!


What should I blog about?

I have some photos to show you of recent art pillows I’ve completed. Other than that, I cannot think of anything to blog about! I’m going to leave it up to my readers. What do YOU think I should blog about? What are you interesting in hearing about from me? What artist stuff do you want to know? Now, hold back a second, I’m not opening this up to ANYTHING! I want serious ideas here people! 😉 Process, progress, thoughts, ideas? What do you want to know about this artist? Thank you so much for any input and feedback! 🙂 I want you to WANT to read my blog, I want it to be interesting to YOU! I already know what I’m interested in, what I don’t know, is what YOU are interested in. Please, let me know! In the meantime, I will share some photos of my latest #Artpillows! All 3 of these pillows and others are available in my Etsy shop. Follow the link to see them all!

Painting in progress, Artsy Quote, and Tshirts

oil painting on canvas work in progress

30 x 30″ oil on canvas, work in progress

It’s been another one of those busy months. Enjoying summer and the outdoors as much as possible while also getting my work done. Unfortunately, the blog posts have been one of the casualties of summer!

Time to get back on track! The air is getting cooler, we’ve been getting LOTS of rain this summer! Living in the desert, that doesn’t always happen. In fact, we’ve been in a drought for about a decade. This year, the mountains, where we hike, have been open most of the summer. Except for the week surrounding the 4th of July, of course! Needless to say, we have spent a lot of mornings this month hiking!

A couple of weeks ago, I finally got back into my painting studio. I have a gallery show coming up in December, so I’ve also been busy getting work ready for that. The painting above is the current work in progress, still has a ways to go before it’s done.

Screens for Sunlight Tshirts

Screens for our Sunlight Tshirts

My band, Sunlight, has also been busy lately! After taking July off, we have 4 shows in August, with two coming up this weekend in Colorado. We play on Friday night at Mean Jean’s coffee house in Lake City, CO and Saturday night at The Swing Station in Laporte, CO. One of the things we accomplished this month was getting silk screens made for our Sunlight T-shirts. Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon printing them. I will let you all know as soon as they are available! 🙂

Last but not least, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an Artsy Quote, so here you go!

Artsy quote happiness on oil painting

Strange Day!

Today is turning out to be a strange day. It started this morning at 4 a.m. when I got up to go the bathroom. I walked past the dining room window and glanced outside as I walked by. It looked like there was snow on the car, so I went back to the window to get a better look. Just as I looked out the window there was a guy walking into our driveway! He was eyeing my son’s bike which is on the bike rack at the front of the driveway. As he walked in between the cars to go get the bike I pounded on the window, he looked up at me and motioned for me to come outside!! I just yelled “Get the F*CK out of here before I call the police!” Then he turned around and walked away. By this time my husband had come out from the bedroom to see what was going on, I had to talk him into not going outside to chase the guy down! My husband brought the bike into the living room and we went back to bed.

The fact that he almost stole my son’s bike is not the part that freaks me out, we’ve had bikes stolen before. What freaks me out is the timing of my going to the bathroom and the pull to look out the window right at the moment he was walking up the driveway!! It was such a strange thing!

So now for the other strange thing that happened today. I checked my email and as usual there was a google alert for “spiral abstract”. I clicked on the link because it actually said something about a flower spiral abstract painting and I was curious to see that there was another artist painting flower spiral abstracts! The strange thing is that it took me to a blog with two posts on it and both were posts that I wrote on my blog!! But….it wasn’t my blog it was some other persons blog! The only difference is this blog doesn’t have my images, it just has my wording. Check it out! My blog entry…….and the imposter blog entry. What do you think? How weird is that? Problem is, there is no way that I can see to contact this person to ask WTF!!???

I’m not sure what to do, if anything, about that. What would you do?

In between strange happenings, I spent the morning in the studio, playing some more. I completed one daily journal painting, did a couple of screen prints, finished carving my block and made a print of the block. So, the photos below are in that order. I printed overlapping designs on a tshirt, to cover up the mess up print I did the other day, and printed the design on a tote bag.

Click Here to Buy

Click Here to Buy

Back in the Swing of Things

Daily Journal Painting “Fire”
Daily Journal Painting “Purple Sun”

First Screen Design

First Screen Print

Hubby and son went back to school yesterday, finally back to normal for me now. I’ve been busy working in the studio, or should I say playing in the studio. I completed my first screen print design and finally tried the first print last night. This morning I spent painting, I was so excited to get back to painting I finished two daily journal paintings today!

One of my goals(I dont call them resolutions!) for the new year is to be more efficient in my work and spend less time online. I have so many things I would like to accomplish this year that I need all the time I can get. So….if you are one of my blog friends, I’m sorry but I won’t be commenting as much on other blogs. I will however continue to read all my favorite blogs! I couldn’t live without you guys! I may blog every other day instead of everyday. I know, when have I ever been dedicated to everyday?!! Anyway, I hope that what this will result in is more art to share on my blog.

This afternoon I have to spend more time on my business plan and take my son to the doctor. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!