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As long as I can remember, I’ve had a camera for taking photos. I got my first camera when I was 8 years old. My mom graduated from college that year and she received a 35mm camera for a graduation gift. I inherited her old 110 camera. Obviously, this was back in the film only days. I took photos of my life, friends, animals, scenery.

Sunrise in Mimbres
“Sunrise in Mimbres”, one of my favorites!

My maternal grampy was also a photographer. He was mainly a portrait photographer, his photos were of family, but he sometimes took photos for friend’s life events as well. I always loved his portraits, in fact, I painted a portrait of myself as a 2 year old using one of his photos for reference.

“Grampy’s Girl”, watercolor on paper, not a great photo, it was taken with my very first digital camera which was less than 1mp and cost over $500 at the time! (Around 2000)

In my first year of college at NMSU, I took a photography class so I could learn how to develop my own film. I had already spent time in my grampy’s dark room, but I was too young at the time to learn from him. My most vivid memory of his darkroom was the day I made the mistake of running out into his print shop and ran right into a paper cutter with my forehead. I had to be taken to the ER for a few stitches that day. I was 6.

“Desert Textures” poster, 11×19″ on paper

Back to that first year of college, I had originally signed up to be an art major, but after a boring Art 101 class and a very cool photography class, I switched to Photojournalism. About midway through that year, I decided to join the Army and my goal was to become an Army photographer. Unfortunately, that job was rare and I would have had to wait years to get it. Being the impatient person I am, I ended up giving up on that goal.

Sunrise in Mimbres II
“Sunrise in Mimbres II”, the sky is so gorgeous where we live!

While I was away at Basic Training, my husband (now ex!) decided to sell my 35mm camera given to me by my mom. He had a drug problem, he also sold my car! Needless to say, it was a while before I had a camera again. I honestly don’t remember when I finally bought my next camera, but I know it was years. I remember using those cheap disposable cameras at the time. I was heartbroken over the loss of my fancy camera, and went back to my art. A pencil and piece of paper were much cheaper.


Fast forward to now, and I still don’t have a good 35mm camera. I use my ipad to take photos, for now! My sweetie has promised to buy me a new digital camera soon. Even so, the ipad takes really good photos. I love all the functionality of it. “Live” photos, video, looping, etc.

Golden Moss
“Golden Moss”, my latest addition to the Textures series.

I have recently had several people ask me about purchasing my photos. I sold my photography in my etsy shop years ago, but haven’t really thought about it again until someone asked. It doesn’t hurt that I live in this gorgeous place where it’s super easy to get a GREAT shot! Needless to say, I will start selling my photography again this year.

Garden Gate
“Garden Gate” my favorite part of the garden to photograph, it’s like the entry into the Secret Garden!

The plan is to release a photography portfolio of 10-20 images to start. It will be a part of my Spring 2019 Portfolio. Most will be landscape and skyscape photos, but I will most likely include my “Texture” series of abstract detail photos I released several years ago. There are two posters of images, one of “Desert Textures” and the other of “SW Forest Textures”. If you have followed me for years, you may remember them! I can envision doing more “Texture” photos in the future, they were so much fun!

Stone and Sky
“Stone and Sky” landscape in the Gila Wilderness

Some people have commented on my photos that they would make great paintings, and though this may be true, I see my paintings and photographs as totally unrelated. I see photography as an art in itself. I used to paint landscapes and it frustrated me. Mainly because it’s impossible to improve on nature, so why try? Not that I don’t completely appreciate a gorgeous landscape painting, but it’s not for me.

This is just a small sampling of photos I intend to make available for purchase. Stay tuned for more, coming soon! You can subscribe to my blog above, or go to and sign up for my email list to make sure you get my updates!

Print Clearance Sale

original oil painting Balance

I’ve been mulling over a big decision for over a year now and have decided it’s time! I’m discontinuing my art prints. They take up too much time and space, plus it seems everyone is leaving me behind in the 20th century with digital prints. It makes so much sense in this age of print on demand and everyone having high quality printers hooked up to their home computers.

Unfortunately, I have quite the stock of art prints, all matted and ready to go. To clear out more space in my studio, I’m currently having a Clearance Sale! 40% off on ALL of the art prints in my Etsy shop! All you need to do, is use the coupon code, PRINTCLEARANCE40, at checkout and you will receive 40% off! This sale ends on January 25th.

Once this sale is over, I am going to list print images in digital format. The coolest thing about this format is once you purchase your image, the download is immediate once your payment is made. No more waiting for the mail to come! There are a few pluses to this format, you can print any size you want (up to a certain size, depending on image size), you can use my art files for invitations, crafts like scrap booking or any other place you can think of. You can also take them to your local print shop and have your own wall prints made, on any paper you choose or on canvas!

The only limit is these images are available for personal use only. If you want to resell these images, you must first get my written permission and pay licensing fees. The copyright still belongs to me, you are purchasing the image only.

I’m also planning to bring back some older images that haven’t been available for some time. My Peace Series for one. Stay tuned….

Christmas in July!

As a big fat THANK YOU, I have decided to have a Christmas in July sale in my Etsy shop for the rest of the month! 50% off everything over $50! YES, you read that right, 50% off!!! All you have to do is enter the coupon code, FACEBOOK50, when you check out and it will be automatically discounted! This sale ENDS on August 1st! Great time to get that original painting you’ve had your eyes on!

oil painting on canvas and wood

“To Move Forward”, 12 1/2 x 12 1/2″ oil on canvas and wood, Available for $215

Jumping OUT of my Comfort Zone

Paula Manning-Lewis and Aaron Lewis playing at Uno's in Las Cruces

Me and Aaron playing our set at our first gig

I apologize for the long gap in between posts. I had planned on coming back from our trip and first GIG with photos and possibly videos to post. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so I only have the one blurry photo taken by a friend on his phone!

The gig went VERY WELL! I was a bit nervous and it was my first time singing with a mic, but after a couple of songs it was so much FUN! Many of my Las Cruces friends showed up, so it was nice to feel completely supported. I received lots of great feedback and compliments. I am READY to get this show on the road!

We spent two nights while we were there recording a couple of demo songs in my brother’s studio. I’m hoping to be able to share them here very soon! Travis is still working on mixing and mastering them. We recorded “Sundown” (Gordon Lightfoot) and “Greenback Dollar” (Kingston Trio). Stay tuned as I will release links to these recordings VERY soon! I almost forgot, we came up with a name for our trio! We are now officially the “TAP Folk Trio” TAP is the acronym for our names, Travis, Aaron and Paula!

Now, back to my visual art! I have made a decision to focus more on the music side for now. However, that said, I am NOT going to give up my art completely! I am going to work on getting my prints back in the swing of things. I have neglected my print line for years, though I have still made them available, mostly online. My new goal is to put together a line of prints using images I already have. Concentrating mainly on originals the last few years has taken a LOT of time! While I will still occasionally paint and have originals available, including all the paintings I currently have in stock, I will put most of my work into getting my prints out there. I have long needed to get my work out in the “REAL” world of shops and shows, not just here on the internet. I will, of course, still have my work available online. Now I will work on getting it OUT THERE as well. I have already decided what my next print will be! I am creating a small poster using the “All About Love” series. I will post a photo of it once it’s done. Stay tuned…..

New work!

Update: OK, so I couldn’t get the video to work, so above is a photo of my latest piece. It’s not a great photo, as it’s difficult to get a good shot of such a large painting! This one is 48 inches square. I THINK it’s done!
Still in progress, I cannot wait to move into the new studio space so I can finish it up! I just don’t have the room at home! We are counting down the days until move in, Thursday is the day! We now only have one, possibly two, spaces available! We rented three on Friday and the one that is left could be split into two spaces. I’m having a difficult time getting anything done at the house, so it will be great to get in there!

Also, in preparation for my move, I’m cleaning out my stash of stuff! I have several embroidered, beaded butterfly and dragonfly brooches as well as some vintage Mucha and Vogue posters listed in my Etsy shop for incredible prices. Check them out!