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How to Make an Artist Smile?

I just finished another vinyl record painting for my show next month at the Sierra Club here in Albuquerque. I made a shortened time lapse video for it, started about half way through. Once again, the music is an original composition by my husband, Aaron M. Lewis. I have 3 more to finish by the end of July. The new records won’t be available for purchase until the show, but you can see more of my record paintings on my WEBSITE.

I am gearing up for a Summer Art Clearance Sale this week. I’m putting up special pages on my website for the sale and there is only one way you can get that special link. Go to my website,, and sign up on my email list. The sale will run through the rest of the Summer, but sign up now! There will be original paintings, prints, coloring books, art pillows and dolls. I’m clearing out the studio to make room for new work. I don’t have enough storage space to keep everything. Everything on sale will be 50% off!

This past Saturday was the reception for my mural painting at Sandy and Jeff’s house. Not a lot of people showed up, but one couple has told me they want a mural at their house too. That was just enough to make me smile! Hoping to get started on that one after I get everything done for the August show. Once it cools off a little! Stay tuned for more on that! πŸ™‚


Gaining Momentum

I have been so busy since my last post! Since then, I have been accepted and dropped off paintings for another show at yet another gallery! The same day that I dropped my art off at that gallery, I visited another gallery in another town and have been asked to submit to them as well. I guess you could say life has been good lately! πŸ™‚ I have spent a bit more time in my studio recently, now that I have to get busy painting! I finally got the studio completely set up, with art on the walls and everything! I don’t have any new work to share just yet, though I have completed a couple of record paintings. I want to wait for now and reveal them all at once. Until then, I will share photos of my completed studio and some of the progress photos of pieces I’m currently working on.

started projects, vinyl, paintings

Just of few of the projects I’m currently working on, just getting started.

Vinyl paintings in progress

Vinyl record paintings in progress, thanks to Ken at the Fuller Lodge Art Gallery in Los Alamos, NM, I’m trying out painting with paint markers. They work GREAT!

coloring tshirt

My first coloring tshirt! This is one I colored in to be used as an example on the website where they are being sold.

I’m really excited to announce that my coloring book designs are now available on t shirts! Using fabric paint or markers they can be colored in to make your own design! Endless possibilities! There are 4 different designs available and they are only $20! Check out this LINK to see them for yourselves. πŸ™‚

Happy corner of my studio

Happy corner of my studio!

mediation corner in my studio

Meditation corner in my studio, I love my meditation chair!

The opening for the show I most recently got into is this coming Saturday in Madrid, NM at Metallo Gallery. It’s a miniature show and 3 of my “All About Love” paintings were accepted. The opening is from 4-8pm on May 4th. If you are in the area, hope you can make it! πŸ™‚

Other side of the meditation corner

Other side of the meditation corner

Purple wall with 3 of my "Exposed Emotions" series paintings.

Purple wall with 3 of my “Exposed Emotions” series paintings.


A day in the studio

Today I finally got back into the studio after a week. Spent a couple of hours working on a record/vinyl painting. Decided to continue that series again. Working on several ideas currently in my head. Have a gallery possibly interested in my paintings! πŸ™‚

My drawing table today

My drawing table today

my drawing table

closer view

vinyl painting acrylic

Progress of my current vinyl painting

vinyl painting acrylic

More progress by the end of the day

downtown albuquerque view

The view of downtown Albuquerque looking out my studio window today

Happy Spring!


I have recently moved my studio away from my house, AND my computer! This wonderful marvel of technology that has made my life possible has also sucked the life out of me at times! I am hopelessly addicted to the internet. There, I admitted it, which as they say, is the first step. Today we celebrate the changing of the seasons, an end of winter and the arrival of Spring! YAY! I have a project I am currently working on to make small hand bound books using my mini prints and different quotes. Here is the first one, I will do an online version as well. Enjoy and share freely! πŸ™‚


New work!

Update: OK, so I couldn’t get the video to work, so above is a photo of my latest piece. It’s not a great photo, as it’s difficult to get a good shot of such a large painting! This one is 48 inches square. I THINK it’s done!
Still in progress, I cannot wait to move into the new studio space so I can finish it up! I just don’t have the room at home! We are counting down the days until move in, Thursday is the day! We now only have one, possibly two, spaces available! We rented three on Friday and the one that is left could be split into two spaces. I’m having a difficult time getting anything done at the house, so it will be great to get in there!

Also, in preparation for my move, I’m cleaning out my stash of stuff! I have several embroidered, beaded butterfly and dragonfly brooches as well as some vintage Mucha and Vogue posters listed in my Etsy shop for incredible prices. Check them out!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow! Time has flown since my last post! I have been super busy with everything going on, but it’s all good stuff, so I’m happy. We are still showing the new studio space to prospective renters. We were down to only 2 spaces left but unfortunately, a couple people had to back out on us so now there are 4 spaces available again. If you are interested you’d better jump on it soon though, we are making the rounds at First Friday this week so I don’t expect there to be any spaces available after the weekend!

Lots of other exciting things happening as well! My husband will be appearing on television tonight on two different shows. They are both local cable access channel shows so unfortunately you have to be local to catch them. However, he does get a dvd of his appearance so I know he will be posting some video on his blog and youtube as soon as he can.

Also, it looks like a may have a position as curator for a local arts and entertainment venue. I don’t want to mention any names until I know for sure. I should be meeting with the current curators soon. I will keep you posted.

I am close to finishing the second of two large canvases I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. They are reserved for a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Again, I don’t want to mention any names until I know for sure. I have taken some video of the first one and I’m waiting for my camera batteries to charge so I can upload and post it.

And in other news, I have several new needlepoint designs that will be released to the public at a trade show in Dallas next month. I have promised to save them for the show, so until then I can’t post photos here.

The best news for me is that I’m finally feeling better after suffering through a bout with the flu for the past 3 weeks! It was the strangest sickness I’ve ever had. There is definitely a new strain going around this year! It seems just about everyone I know has had it and some of them have suffered for over 3 months! So, I count myself lucky to be feeling better after only 3 weeks! I just pray I don’t relapse!

Attn. Albuquerque Locals: New Studio Space opening soon!

This new space is something I’ve been dreaming of for a long time! I along with 3 friends and my husband have finally found the perfect space and there are still 3-4 studio spaces available!

Call for Artists – Looking for high quality studio space?

Chromatic Horizon Studios, Albuquerque’s newest art & music studio space, is about to open on Central Ave. two blocks west of University, in lovely east downtown Albuquerque. Get in on the ground floor of our eclectic opening, and enjoy the kind of studio you deserve!

We offer an intriguing, classy, centralized location in a large office space, with secure individual studios, 24 hour access and a great view of our ever-changing Albuquerque horizon. Studios range in price from $175 – $350, with central heat & refrigerated air, free wifi, an upscale reception area, nice restrooms, parking, a communal kitchenette, access to an excellent classroom / mini show space, and countless other perks, including open studio nights, courtyard shows, and more.

Best of all, we’re an artist-run studio space and active community of artists devoted to making Chromatic Horizon a cool place to be. Teach classes in our conference room, participate in shows, special events–and decision making, in our democratic, pro-active environment. We hope to attract other members who want to participate in our events and planning!

Our artistic body so far consists of two painters, a photographer, a jeweler, a mixed media artist and even a classical guitarist/composer.

Please contact me for additional information, or if you would like to arrange a meeting to see the space. There is a jurying process (no fee), which requires a brief interview.