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See you later New Mexico!

photo of Silver City Lizard mural

This Silver City mural greeted us as we entered downtown

We’ve been in Silver City, New Mexico for the past three days. We love this little town, but it’s time to move on. This morning we woke up to the freezing cold! Arizona, here we come!

photo of horse mural

Another mural in Silver City.

Silver City began as a mining town over a hundred years ago, hence the name. As a matter of fact, many of the small towns in the Southwest started out as mining towns. In the past decade or more it has become a wonderful artist community. Everyone we encountered was very friendly. Silver City is also the home of Western New Mexico University. I highly recommend visiting if you ever get the chance.

photo of the outside of the Silver City museum

Silver City Museum

The first morning here we walked over to downtown Silver City. My goal was to find an art gallery for my prints, but Tuesdays everything is closed. We wandered around town, browsing thrift stores and ended up checking out the Silver City Museum, which is housed in one of the towns old historic homes.

RV set up at Silver City RV park

Our RV set up at the Silver City RV park, just outside of downtown.

We had a lovely visit with an artist friend and her husband. She made us a yummy dinner of green chile enchiladas with beans and Tecate beer. Our last New Mexican food until we return next Spring.

view from the upper floor window of the museum

View from the upper floor window of the museum

We rode our newly tuned up bikes to her house, it was only 4.5 miles, but the hills! The hills were a killer! Luckily for us, they have a truck and gave us a ride home since it was after dark and VERY cold outside.


Aaron and I with Hosana Eilert, the owner of Wild West Weaving

Wednesday morning I went back to town, on my bike this time, to visit the art galleries. I started with a couple of galleries that had been suggested by friends in Las Cruces and also by my local artist friend. The second gallery I went into was Wild West Weaving. Hosana was a lovely lady and very friendly. She represents my friend, Dayna Griego’s, glass art. We got to talking and I told her about my needlepoint designs. This piqued her interest enough that she is going to represent my prints AND fine art needlepoint canvases.

Wednesday evening we had a delicious dinner at the Adobe Springs Cafe. The cafe is in what used to be the office of an old motel. The food was absolutely fabulous! I had a chipotle peach grilled chicken which was like nothing I have ever tasted, spicy, sweet and just plain yummy! Aaron had fried catfish which is a pretty common dish around these parts.

This morning I stopped back at Wild West Weaving and dropped off a bunch of prints for the gallery and got the contract signed. I now have my art represented in a gallery in Silver City! Wild West Weaving is located at 211 Texas in downtown. We took a photo with Hosana, the owner, but for some reason wordpress isn’t cooperating with me on getting it posted here. Hosana not only sells her weaving in the gallery but teaches classes on weaving, dying yarn and setting up looms for weaving. Stop by and see her if you are in town and tell her I sent you! 🙂

This will be my last post for a week, possibly shorter, as we are headed to the Chiricahua National Monument in southern Arizona for some camping and hiking. I will have lots of photos to share once we get to Bisbee. Stay tuned!

New Needlepoint Designs

I have been working on two new needlepoint designs all week and I do believe they are finished! 🙂 I have a goal to complete at least 2 designs a month. Here is “Gratitude” and “Mini Love 3”.

fine art needlepoint canvas design

Gratitude, 8 x 8" fine art needlepoint canvas

fine art needlepoint canvas design

Mini Love 3, 6 x 6" fine art needlepoint canvas

Inspiration is for Amateurs…

original oil painting on canvas in progress

Healing Heart, oil painting on canvas, 12 x 12', work in progress

I hope the title of this blog doesn’t sound mean, but it’s true! I wish I could remember who originally said this. I heard the quote in an interview with Mos Def and he quoted someone else as saying it. Of course, now I cannot find the interview at all.

This quote resonated with me quite loudly. When I started out as an artist, I would go months at a time without making a single piece of art. My reasoning was pretty straight forward, “I haven’t had any inspiration”. As the years went on, I realized that if I was serious about being a professional artist, I was going to have to create new work with or without inspiration. I couldn’t just coast along for 6 months to a year without creating something new. That was no way to make a living as an artist.

original needlepoint design painting

Heart Love needlepoint design, work in progress

Now I know, whether or not I am inspired, I have to treat my art making like a job. This is my career after all. There is a work schedule I follow. I must spend time painting everyday. I will be the first to admit, I don’t always follow my own rule! Some days other things get in the way of creating. Most often it has nothing to do with inspiration, it has to do with business. Blogging, updating my website, posting new photos, packing up orders, shipping, framing. There are a lot of things involved in being an artist that have nothing to do with painting. I can still have periods of up to 6 months with no inspiration in sight. But this doesn’t mean I don’t still show up in my studio to work! What most often happens, I will start working on a painting and inspiration will strike in the middle of it all. Action is the best instigator of inspiration. Some days nothing good comes out of these sessions, some days my best work comes out!

My advice for artists who are struggling with a lack of inspiration, get the paints out and work anyway! You never know what might just trigger a new idea, sometimes just a blob of paint on a white canvas can do it for you!

A Blue ribbon!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised with an email from the woman who licenses my designs for fine art needlepoint canvases. She received an email from a woman talking about one of my designs and forwarded the message on to me. For those of you who don’t know it, I create designs for a manufacturer of needlepoint canvases and threads. I paint the original design directly on needlepoint canvas and then the manufacturer has the design copied for sale in needlepoint shops across the country. This year, two women stitched my design “Daisy” for the American Needlepoint Guild seminar competition and one of them won a blue ribbon!! Here is a link to one of the ladies blog posts about it.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received today;

One of your beautiful canvases was very popular as I saw it over and over again at the American Needlepoint Guild seminar this year, which is actually one of my favorites. It is the large flower, maybe a sunflower done off center in whites and greens with a purple, mauve background. I am sure that I should know the artist, but it escapes me right now. There were two of them in the exhibit, one winning a blue ribbon and then there were 2 ladies that were stitching it in our class. Maybe future ribbon winners!

Feeling Great!

What a wonderful, beautiful day! This is the first week I’ve been back in full swing since April. I may have thought I was back before now, but I was kidding myself. Or just trying to psych myself out. Finally, it’s true. I’ve spent more time painting this week (and it’s only Tuesday) than I have in months. I’m close to finishing my first large canvas since my life changed forever. I’m still thinking about what to title it. 

My dad was right, life does go on, and it does get easier. 
I don’t have much to write about today, just trying to get back into the habit of blogging more often. Time keeps getting away from me. One of the promises I made myself back in April was that I would no longer be a time waster. No more procrastination. No more excuses. Life is too short and I have way too many goals to reach. So, it’s time to switch back into high gear and get busy!
I just recently received my second check for royalties on my needlepoint designs. One of my goals in the near future is to get a link up to the company selling my designs and the retail locations where they are available for purchase. I have about 6 weeks to get 4 more designs painted and shipped off in time for the January trade show.
I guess I had better get back to work!

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Wow! Time has flown since my last post! I have been super busy with everything going on, but it’s all good stuff, so I’m happy. We are still showing the new studio space to prospective renters. We were down to only 2 spaces left but unfortunately, a couple people had to back out on us so now there are 4 spaces available again. If you are interested you’d better jump on it soon though, we are making the rounds at First Friday this week so I don’t expect there to be any spaces available after the weekend!

Lots of other exciting things happening as well! My husband will be appearing on television tonight on two different shows. They are both local cable access channel shows so unfortunately you have to be local to catch them. However, he does get a dvd of his appearance so I know he will be posting some video on his blog and youtube as soon as he can.

Also, it looks like a may have a position as curator for a local arts and entertainment venue. I don’t want to mention any names until I know for sure. I should be meeting with the current curators soon. I will keep you posted.

I am close to finishing the second of two large canvases I’ve been working on over the past few weeks. They are reserved for a gallery on Canyon Road in Santa Fe. Again, I don’t want to mention any names until I know for sure. I have taken some video of the first one and I’m waiting for my camera batteries to charge so I can upload and post it.

And in other news, I have several new needlepoint designs that will be released to the public at a trade show in Dallas next month. I have promised to save them for the show, so until then I can’t post photos here.

The best news for me is that I’m finally feeling better after suffering through a bout with the flu for the past 3 weeks! It was the strangest sickness I’ve ever had. There is definitely a new strain going around this year! It seems just about everyone I know has had it and some of them have suffered for over 3 months! So, I count myself lucky to be feeling better after only 3 weeks! I just pray I don’t relapse!