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Two Show Openings this week!

First Friday at the Factory is this Friday from 6-11pm. The Factory is located at 1715 5th Street in Albuquerque.

Saturday I will be at an opening in Gallup at the House of Lyndon, 227 Coal in downtown Gallup, from 6-9pm.

Also, I have been cleaning out my original drawer in my flat file and found a bunch of paintings that I listed in my Etsy shop. Clearance prices on most of these paintings. Lots of smaller sizes, watercolors, aceos, etc. Check out my Etsy shop to see what I have!

Gallery show at The House of Lyndon

So, the gallery show was fantastic! There was a good turnout of people and I had some great conversations with many different people. The gallery owner, Lyndon Tsosie, is such a friendly guy! It was great to finally meet him in person and see his work. He makes these amazing jeweled and silver boxes and is an internationally known artist. Google his name to see some examples of his work. One regret is that I forgot to get a picture with him!

Great turnout!

There was an article in the local paper, and one of the people that came in said they had heard about it on the radio. I have never felt so special and pampered as an artist! The gallery put us up in a hotel, where we enjoyed soaking in the hot tub after the opening. Lyndon believes that his artists should be treated well! I wish more gallery owners felt this way, but I guess it helps that he is an artist himself and knows what it feels like.

Aaron playing in the front window!

Oh, and my husband played guitar for the opening too. It was such an honor to be included in this show as the other artists involved all have amazing work! The only unfortunate thing is that I didn’t make a sale, but there were several people interested in my work, so perhaps I will have a sale sometime this month. Plus, we were invited back to show again in August. The best thing is that for a small town, Gallup had a great turnout for their artscrawl! I have had openings here in Albuquerque (compare populations; Gallup, 50,000 to Albq., 500,000) where the only people that showed up were the artists and their families!

My mom and her husband, Tom (forgot to get a photo of my dad, but thanks for being there dad!)

I was so nervous about this show last week, as it was the first time I’ve shown my new body of work. I received a LOT of positive feedback! So, I guess the best part of this show is that my confidence in my new work has grown by leaps and bounds! Next goal….. a gallery in Santa Fe!

Talking about the art

Daily Journal paintings

Elated(click to buy)

Exhilarated(click to buy)

Here are yesterday’s and today’s daily journal paintings. Trying to finish up as much of these as possible to take with me to Gallup on Saturday. Spoke with the gallery owner yesterday and he wants me to bring all I have, big and small. I hope he realizes what he’s getting himself into! Not a lot of time to write as I still have many preparations to make for the show and only 3 days left to do it all! I plan to take my camera with me to the show so I can post photos for everyone that can’t make it in person.


So, once again, procrastination has snuck up on me and I have less than two weeks to finish everything up for the March gallery show in Gallup. I don’t have a lot to get done, but I’m stressing just the same. I’m excited about this show, but at the same time a little aprehensive. This is the first gallery show I’ve had in years! Mainly because I have been in a transistion period in my art. I didn’t want to show my new abstracts before I was ready. Now that I’ve been showing them online and getting positive feedback, I think I’m ready to officially introduce my new style in the gallery world!

One of my goals this year is to get back into a gallery in Santa Fe. I used to sell my prints in a gallery on the Plaza many years ago when I was still Paula Beck. Now that I have my new body of work, I’m ready to get back into Santa Fe. Things have changed since the 90s when I last sold there, rents have gone up, galleries have moved away from the plaza to open up on Canyon Road. I’ve grown as an artist too and I don’t feel as intimidated by the Santa Fe galleries as I once was. So, that is another thing I have to finish this week, my catalog of works. Can’t remember if I’ve written about this here before, but I’m creating a cd rom of my new works. Things sure have changed since I started out and everyone wanted slides!!

So, if I’m not around much in the next couple weeks, you now know why!! I will try to post some photos of the show too, once it is hung. The opening is on March 10th, so if anyone is in Gallup, NM, please come by and see it in person! 🙂