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Weekly Art Auction

Getting back to my weekly art auctions. This week’s auction is a daily journal painting from 2007. During this period, I custom built several wood frames for my daily journal paintings. I wanted a frame that I could paint on so the painting could be continued into the frame. This was the result of that experiment. If memory serves me, I did 8 of these paintings. This is the only one left! Click on the image to go to the auction page. Thanks for looking and happy bidding! 🙂

original oil painting with handmade handpainted wood frame

“Spokes of the Sun”, 12 x 12″ oil painting on canvas board, framed with a handmade, hand painted wood frame which is painted to be a part of the piece, starting bid $20


for a wonderful week. This has been the most productive week I’ve had since March! 

I finally finished framing a bunch of my daily journal paintings and put them up in my etsy shop this week. These paintings are small (9″ square with frame) and make great little groupings. Follow the link above or click on the box in the sidebar to go to my etsy shop directly.
Now I just have to get back to painting more of these little gems. I just realized that the newest one I have was painted more than two months ago! I’ll get there eventually, in fact, I think I’ll go paint a new one RIGHT NOW!

Six days to go!

At my studio today. Taking a break from the Fair to ship out orders and rest a little. Aaron is out at the booth holding down the fort. Last night was his show at the boxcar stage, it went VERY well! The State Fair has been lots of fun, but very exhausting! This Sunday is the last day! Next week we will take it easy, in fact, Monday we plan to do nothing but sleep in and watch movies! I can hardly wait.

I’ve sold a couple more of the framed daily journal paintings!(Fire and Bold as Love) So, if you are interested in buying one, I suggest you do so soon! Of course I plan to make more.

I don’t usually like to write much about my personal life here, but my two younger boys are giving me fits! Teenagers! They seem to think at 17 and 14 that they are ready to move out on their own! They don’t even have jobs! So, along with spending 12 hour days at the fair, we’ve been coming home to arguments and hassles with the boys. We even had to call the police the other night and didn’t get to bed until way past midnight! Aaron is about ready to kick the 17 year old out on his butt! It wouldn’t be the first time! Actually, we did kick him out, but he came back a couple days later and “says” he’ll follow the rules. We’ll see!

Funny thing is, everything else in our lives is going wonderfully! I hate to wish away their childhood, but I am looking forward to having an empty nest! Why is it that teenagers think we are doing things to try to hurt them? I’m just trying to help them have an easier life, you know, graduate from high school, get a job, etc!! I’ve decided that they act this way so I WON’T miss them so much when they finally do grow up and move away. Anyway, sorry, but I had to vent about that!

Where’s my head?

I’ve been running around like a chicken with her head cut off recently. Way too much stuff to do and little time to do it all. Sound familiar? I think I am always in this state of mind. Until after December though, there is no chance to slow down and clear my mind! Oh well, that’s ok, because I love what I do!!

The State Fair is less than 2 weeks away and I have more than 2 weeks worth of work to do. Aaron and I have decided that we will work long days until then to get ready. What choice do we have?! We are planning a day off the day before the Fair starts, IF we get everything done in time. We will need the day off before the 17 straight days at the Fair!!

This weekend, or should I say Saturday only, I will be back out at the Tijeras Art Market. Hope to see you there! Aaron(dh) will be playing his guitar from 10:30 to 1:30 so you shouldn’t miss it!

Today is my middle son’s 17th birthday! Where did all the time go? Seems like just yesterday……well, you know! So, on top of everything else, I have to go home early today and get the kitchen clean for the family dinner with grandparents etc. tonight.

I have some new paintings done, just need to take photos and post them. Also working on more frames for the daily journal paintings. I will have them done by next week, hopefully, in time for the Fair!!

I guess that’s all the news that’s new for now! Have a wonderful day!! 🙂

Under the weather

Turns out I will not be at the Gallup show tonight. I came down with some kind of virus on Tuesday and I still don’t feel better. I think I’ve been pushing my self a little too hard recently. Spent most of the day yesterday sleeping. I’m taking it easy today, a little painting in the studio, so I can be rested and feeling better in time for the Tijeras Art Market this weekend.

I also listed a couple more of the framed daily paintings in my Etsy shop this morning.

Handpainted Frames for Daily Journal Paintings

Here are some of the pictures I promised recently. I took the newly framed paintings out to the art market this past weekend and got a great response on them. I even sold one! The rest are available in my Etsy shop for a limited time. They will also be hanging this Friday at the First Friday event at Factory on 5th.

Elated with handpainted frame

Spokes of the Sun Framed

Fire with handpainted frame

Daylight Savings with handpainted frame