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How on Earth did that get there?

Photo of the print found in the wall!

Photo of the print found in the wall!

I get emails from people quite often about my Paula Beck prints created in the beginning of my art career. 1991-1995 to be exact. Even after I posted THIS blog, I still get interesting emails about people finding my prints in their parent’s estates/storage, or an antique mall, etc etc.

The email I received this week definitely takes the cake! A man from Ingram, Tx explained that he had found one of my art prints thumb tacked to an EXTERIOR wall and UNDER the insulation while he was remodeling. The strangeness doesn’t end there. He sent me a photo of the print(see above) and someone had colored it in! The funny thing about that is the print is a black and white drawing of a BLACK AND WHITE piece of pottery. It was never meant to be in color. lol! This gentleman asked if I had any idea how or why it was hidden in the wall. I have no idea, but boy am I intrigued!

Any ideas on how on Earth this print ended up hidden in a wall? I’d love to hear your theories! I often wonder about my art and where it ends up, after all, I have well over 30,000 pieces of art out there in the world! I know for a fact my art has traveled much more extensively than I probably ever will! I never in a million years would have considered this scenario!


Another week already!

Dreamscapes #2, 20 x 20″ oil painting on canvas

Sheesh! I’ve been so busy, I let another week slip by without a blog post. I’m working on new needlepoint designs that I can’t share until they’ve been released to the public. However I do have a couple of photos to share. The first is my latest Dreamscape painting.

The other two are photos of a found art painted rock(what does she actually call them?) by Jafabrit that I was able to aquire all the way out here in New Mexico! Long story short, one of the Jafagirls has a gallery here in Albuquerque(Dreamscapes) and she gave it to me at her First Friday show last week. Jafabrit wanted me to post photos so she could see which one I got.

In other news, I’m planning to move my studio yet again, hopefully for the last time for awhile! Previously mentioned gallery, Dreamscapes, also rents studio space so that’s where I’m going. It is actually only two blocks away from my current studio, still on 5th street. I’m excited as it is a very nice place and Jan, the owner, is a wonderfully nice lady!

Oh and in case I don’t get back to post another blog before this weekend, my husband Aaron is playing a gig here in Albuquerque on Sunday afternoon at the Market Cafe located on the corner of Corrales Rd. and Alameda Rd. He plays from 12 to 2pm. So, if you are in the area, come out and enjoy some great guitar music and a yummy lunch!