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Mural Sketch in Progress

The video above is the sketch for the mural I’m getting ready to start. This small 12 x 12″ painting is 1/10th the size the mural will be. It will be painted on an outside wall on the back patio. The people I’m painting it for have a very lovely garden yard and I am excited to see how my art will look among the trees and flowers. I picked Spring colors for that very reason. Then, even when it’s not Spring, they will be reminded of the yard when it’s in bloom! The idea is that the Sun mural will shine year round. I hope they like the design. 🙂

Now that I’m all finished with the work for the NM Cancer Center Gallery show, I’m switching gears to start work on a mural job I’m very excited to get started! I do have another art show to get ready for, but that deadline is in July and I don’t have as many pieces to get together for it. However, I will be starting a new guitar painting for that show, very soon!

My art show in August is at the local Albuquerque Sierra Club offices. I’ve decided to make it a recycled art show, with the center piece being one of my guitar paintings. There will also be plenty of recycled vinyl record paintings too! 🙂

My first Mandala painting class!

My first Mandala painting class!

This past Saturday was my very first Mandala painting class! I had 3 people attend and we had so much fun! Huge thanks to the folks who decided to spend their Saturday evening with me. Stay tuned for the next class, I will be picking a date very soon!

Mandala Painting class

Mandala Painting class


Introducing……Chroma Studios!

Here are some photos of the new space.

Reception area

My Studio

My studio, looking into the reception area

Aaron’s Studio
My husband and I both have our studios here, plus there are 7 other studios.

One space left!

Currently there are 6 other artists with one empty studio. 1 mixed media artist, 2 photographers, 4 painters and 1 musician. I have someone coming to see the last space tomorrow. I will get links up to all the other artist websites soon.

Multipurpose room

We are planning our grand opening show for the first week in May. Not sure about the exact date yet. I will keep you updated on that. We also have a conference room/classroom/gallery space. Let’s just call it our multipurpose room.

One of my favorite spaces is the patio out on the roof! We sit out there on sunny days and eat our lunch.