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Step Three: Backslide…(Overcoming my Facebook addiction)

Aaaaaand, start over! I WAS doing pretty well with staying off Facebook, then another Primary Tuesday came around. In addition to my Facebook addiction, I’m a political junkie! I keep my political stuff away from my blog and I won’t mix politics with business. Let’s just say this election season is quite exciting.

I’ve had a minor backslide but I CAUGHT myself this time, before WEEKS passed! I’m still determined to beat this crazy, lazy addiction. My step three was going to be, “Replacing the Addiction”, but I’m human and sometimes humans aren’t perfect. 😉

I won’t beat myself up over it, I will start over again tomorrow. Tomorrow I will work on replacing Facebook with an online web development course. Learning more information on setting up my website the way I want it and not just the easy, free template here on WordPress.

I spent the morning being creative. I’m working on a new pillow design that I will share with everyone here on the blog tomorrow. I ran out of stuffing and once it’s stuffed, I will share. 🙂

Today also happens to be my 9 year anniversary on WordPress! I cannot believe it’s been that long! Counting my time on Blogger, I’ve now been blogging for 15 years! Here’s to another 15! That is, if blogging is still around in 15 years, the way technology is advancing these days, who knows! I hope everyone is having a happy, happy Wednesday!

Two Years Blogging!

After reading Cynthia’s post for today, I realized, after checking, that tomorrow is my 2 year blog anniversary! Wow! Time really flies doesn’t it?!

Here’s a link to my first post;

I had no idea it had been that long!