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More recycled paintings

Purple Night ACEO(2 1/2 x 3 1/2″)

Green Moon 8″ square oils on canvas board

I’ve been painting a lot of smaller pieces on recycled matboard scraps. Each piece is gessoed by me before I start. The mat scraps are plentiful in my framing studio. When I am out of ideas for larger paintings I like to paint small ACEOs or 6 – 8″ squares. It helps to get my creative juices flowing and I usually come up with my next large painting concept while I’m at it. That is exactly what happened today! I painted Purple Night aceo and then came the Green Moon on 8″ canvas board. Now I’m working on a similar idea on a 20″ square stretched canvas. It was a very productive day in the studio. I’ve also jotted down some ideas for my next needlepoint designs.

Above and below are photos of all the aceo paintings, daily journal paintings and handpainted furniture I’ve finished in the past week. All are available in my Etsy shop.

Please Don’t Break My Heart 7″ square Oils on recycled matboard
Waves of Love 6″ square Oils on recycled matboard
True Love ACEO
Flowerette ACEO

Heart in Love ACEO
Two Hearts ACEO

Music Playing 8″ square Oils on recycled canvas board

NEW ACEO limited editions

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would be putting up some special limited editions for the holidays. I know, it’s kinda late for that(unless you buy soon!), but these will be in my etsy shop indefinitely. Of course they are small editions, only 10 each, so they will go fast at only $5 each!

I have 20 images total that I will be listing throughout today and tomorrow. Here’s a link to my ACEO section so you can see them all together;

Some of the images are ones that I have printed at other sizes, but some are not available anywhere else. The originals have sold and I never made prints of them before.

In other news, the show in Gallup was a great success! The weather was cold and snowing, we had to spend the night because the interstate was closed overnight. I was able to convince a couple of my artist friends to go along too, so we had a great time! Thanks again to Lyndon at House of Lyndon, for showing my work!

Progress on the Guitar and aceos


Spring is Coming

Another busy morning in the studio! More small aceo paintings, plus I have done some work on the guitar I’m recyling. I’m not real happy with the guitar yet, but it is still at the beginning stages. All the aceos are available in my Etsy shop.

Another busy day

Royal Sun (click to buy)

Eclipse (click to buy)

Night Sky (click to buy)

Thank goodness I’m finally coming out of the funk, now if we could just come out of winter!

Anyway, today I painted one 8 inch square H2O oil on recycled canvas board and three ACEOs. They are all available in my Etsy shop.