Spiral Galaxy painting

Work in progress, second in my Space series, 36×36″

I’m so excited about my current work in progress! I’m painting big for the first time in over a year! Last time was murals, this time I’m back to canvas. I have 3 36×36″ canvases ready to go. This first painting is the second in my Space Series. This new series is inspired by the Hubble Telescope images of far away galaxies.

The first painting in the series wasn’t intended to be a “space” painting, but when I shared it on social media an artist friend noted that it reminded her of the Hubble images. I totally agreed and set out to create a new series! There are literally hundreds of images to choose from.

spiral detail

Detail of inner spiral

This current WIP was inspired by spiral galaxy, NGC 6753. Now, when I say inspired by, I mean the painting has the general idea of the photograph within it. It’s not an exact copy, but the idea behind the painting started with the photo. The most difficult part of the doing this series, is deciding which images to use. I could go on forever!

Detail of outer spiral

Detail of outer spiral

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