The Clock is Ticking….

20 x 20" oil on canvas, work in progress

20 x 20″ oil on canvas, work in progress

The deadline for the NMCCG show is fast approaching. I am working on having 25 pieces ready for the show and I’m currently right around 21. I ordered 4 new canvases last week and this week I’ve been busy covering canvas with black gesso. I started painting on Tuesday and have two paintings started now. I did a bit of research and found a fun new color combo. From my research, I found that a majority of both men and women call Blue their favorite color. I’m not one of those people, so I rarely use blue in my paintings. That changes with this batch of paintings. I love this combo (above) of bright sky blue with a light olive green and of course, ALL of my paintings start with yellow.

20 x 20" oil on canvas, work in progress

20 x 20″ oil on canvas, work in progress

Purple and green happen to be my favorite colors and purple, green and yellow is a favorite combo of mine. Most of my paintings keep to a 3 color combination. I like odd numbers and I like to keep my palette simple. 🙂

I may never paint another painting without the black gesso background. I just LOVE the way it makes the colors POP! They seem brighter on the dark background. I used to say I didn’t use black because it’s so dark and I want my art to be bright and light. I guess I should have tried putting it in the background a long time ago. The way the color pops on that dark background makes the color even brighter and lighter, IMHO anyway. 🙂

In other news, I’m excited to report I may have found the PERFECT spot to teach painting classes! I’ve decided to start teaching a monthly mandala painting class. It will be one of those fun painting classes where you can have a glass of wine or a beer or even a cocktail while everyone paints. Usually, these classes teach everyone the same image, but my class will be about everyone creating their own version of the mandala. I will have more information about that very soon, still have to work out the details with the venue for the room rental and research the cost of materials, so I will know what I have to charge for the class. Stay tuned…

2 responses to “The Clock is Ticking….

  1. I never heard that about blue before Paula. You’re always teaching me new things! You’ll be a great teacher!!! I bet you’re super excited!!! I’m sticking with mainly online right now. I went live though can you believe it!? I’m live on twitch. I watched Before the Flood and saw meanings in some of my works. It inspired me to keep creating!
    You should check it out Paula if you haven’t already. It’s right up your alley! It’s about the environment, saving the planet, and the meanings you can see in works of art.
    I never did get the live on facebook thing down… I know that you and many wonderful artists did, but I didn’t. Anyway, you should check twitch out sometime!
    My channel is
    I’ll be on Wed and Fri 12-2
    Let me know if you create a channel there, as I would absolutely love it.
    Looking at your paintings, I like the second painting best, but they’re both beautiful to me though! I’ve always loved your style! The purple one seems to pop. Like you said…I find it outstanding. Hope that everything is doing well.


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