Even When it Rains; Time lapse

Today I finished my second time lapse painting video! The song, Even When it Rains, is by my group, Sunlight. This series of painting videos was inspired by the songs from our first CD, Life is Good. Each painting video will feature a different song from the album and the painting created will have the same title as the song. Please share with your friends and enjoy!

This is most likely going to be my last blog post of the year, we leave Friday for a short Sunlight tour of Arizona. We will be back before Christmas, but it’s time for a little time off to spend with family and friends. May you all have a happy holiday season! See you next year! 🙂


2 responses to “Even When it Rains; Time lapse

  1. I absolutely love this Paula! I swear your work makes me smile. I’m sorry for my not commenting on here as often. I’ve been addicted to facebook. I’m working on Conquer Your Year by Natalie MacNeil though, it’s a planner. I put in there to visit blogs again, so be looking for my leaving messages like I did long long ago. I have two of your works on my desk that I look at daily and can never believe how fast the time has gone by. Ones “Peace Flower” and you put 1/10 on it. It’s an original, but I don’t remember if you make alot of the same works or not? I don’t think that you did, but I’m not 100% sure? If not, then it was done in Jan. 2010! That’s 6yrs ago can you believe it!? The other is a print of “In Time”! I absolutely love both of them! I still have In Time in the wrapper so it won’t get harmed, so I don’t know if it has the date on the back or not. Still, do you remember them Paula? Hope that you’re doing great.

    • Thanks Angela! I do remember the pieces you are talking about. The 1/10 means it was a limited edition print and you got the #1 print out of 10. 🙂 I will be spending more time here on the blog this year too! Less time on Facebook! 🙂 Happy New Year! Hope you have a great one! 🙂

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