Overcoming my Addiction to Facebook

This will be my final post on this subject. I feel like I’ve overcome the addiction! Yay! I still go to facebook, but I don’t get sucked in like I did before. I don’t spend hour upon hour staring at my news feed. I haven’t had a heated discussion in weeks.

I’ve made it to the second section of my online web development course. I can now build a very simple website in html with simple CSS. This is pretty exciting as I’ve now gone past the point of knowledge I had in college (2000). Mainly because everything from this point on is new information! I’m not quite to the point where I can build the website I want, but I’m getting there.

I’m back to painting again! It had been almost a year since I had pulled my paints and brushes out. It feels good to be creative and feel the movement of paint across the canvas. I’m still a bit rusty, as happens after not painting for that long a period of time, but it’s coming back quickly.

Jemez Mountains

Jemez Mountains

Yesterday, Aaron and I made a trip up north to Los Alamos to deliver more pillows and dolls to the Fuller Lodge Art Gallery. They have already sold a couple of pieces! YAY! It was a lovely drive home! We took the back road through the Jemez mountains, nothing quite like a drive through the forest to make me feel grounded. Unfortunately, we wore the wrong shoes so we couldn’t get out for a hike. Next time, for sure!

2 responses to “Overcoming my Addiction to Facebook

  1. I’m still pretty much stuck in Facebook addiction. It hurts my heart to hear you say you had not painted in a long time; my creative output has gone kaput, even though I have an awesome studio and supplies out the wazoo. Of course Facebook is the symptom, not the real problem. If you have any pointers please let me know.

    • I feel you Kelly! It’s not easy for sure. I posted a couple other blogs about getting away from facebook. My first step was getting completely away for a few days, we went camping, but you could deactivate your page for a few days. Just breaking that daily habit really helps. Then I found something to replace it with, for me, taking an online course on something I’ve always wanted to learn about. Now, I’m working on keeping my facebook time, at least recreational time, to mornings and evenings. I only get on fb during the day if I have to post something business related. For me, the most important part was breaking that daily habit. I was at a point where I automatically went there every time I got on my computer. Now that I broke that habit, it’s much easier. 🙂 Good luck to you Kelly!

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