Drawings are done! Happy birthday Mama!

Last five coloring book designs

The last 5 coloring book designs, pencil sketches before they are inked in.

I have spent the past few weeks working on my new coloring book and today I finished all the drawings! My shoulder is hurting from hunching over my drawing table for too long! I should know better, but sometimes, inspiration just pushes me to keep going. I’m so excited about this coloring book! My first book had 10 designs. This book has 20.

Working on this coloring book had me thinking a lot about childhood and how much I used to love coloring. Even into my 20s, when my kids were young, I colored in coloring books often. Adult coloring has apparently become a trend lately. I always preferred drawing to coloring, so drawing my own coloring designs just made so much sense. I WILL color them too, once done! 😉

design #19

Design #19 before photoshop clean up. Almost there!

Thinking of my younger years got me to thinking about my mom. This weekend is her 70th birthday! I had to mention her here because she is the one personally responsible for my love of drawing and art in general. I don’t remember being younger than about 5 years old, but she tells the story of giving me a stack of paper and pencil when I was under 2 years old and how I would spend HOURS sitting and drawing.

Me and my mama

Me and my mama

In honor of my mom’s birthday week, I had to tell her here, THANKS MOM! Thank you for ALWAYS encouraging me to follow my dreams of being an artist. She has attended just about EVERY art opening and open studio I have ever had. (minus the times she was out of town!) I love you and I’m so glad you are my mama! Happy birthday, with MANY MORE to come!

3 responses to “Drawings are done! Happy birthday Mama!

  1. I love that Paula! 70! WOW! Wish your mother a happy birthday from me. Coloring books are a wonderful stress reliever as well! You’ve done outstanding work lately. When I create it’s a little different as I don’t feel the pain that I’m in while making my art.I get in a trance, sometimes forgetting to eat. Later when I snap out of it though, I can feel it…still like you said,it’s hard not to get caught up. Besides…where would artist’s be without art? 🙂 ❤ *HUGS* ❤

  2. Roberta Willett

    I figured anything that would keep your attention for hours when you were 18 months old just had to be your life’s calling!! I have always been a little envious of your talent – both art and music. I will never forget that 17 year old homesick daughter calling from Hawaii and what did I tell you? DRAW! You had a beautiful place that you could have drawn. Maybe someday you will get back there and be inspired by all the beauty! I will always be so proud of you. And thank you for the birthday wishes.


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