The Health Benefits of Meditation

I have been meditating for 8 years now and I couldn’t live without it anymore. It has so many benefits! I highly recommend giving it a try! There are many guided meditations on youtube to get you started. 🙂

Shades of Life

Meditation is a form of relaxation and has significant health benefits. When meditating, your breathing becomes deeper which allows your body to receive more oxygen, your heart rate slows, all your muscles begin to relax, all aches and pains disappear for the duration of your meditation, your mind switches off from daily human problems and you allow your inner mind (the spiritual mind) to communicate with the inner you, along with your Guides and Angels. Blood pressure drops and doing a meditation everyday, is enough to actually begin to feel these health benefits.

When researching on the web, how to meditate, the consensus is to switch phones off, get yourself comfortable, listen to some soft music and focus on your breathing. Advise is to meditated for 10 -20 mins at a time but in actual fact, all these health benefits can be gains with just 2 mins a day.


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