The Varied Life of a Creative Person


I don’t consider myself “just” an artist anymore. I’m a creative person, always have been I guess! Now that I am working on my musical side, I can no longer claim to be a visual artist alone, I’m still an artist, but I needed a better way to describe what “I do”. Some days I’m a graphic designer, some days I’m a painter, some days I’m into social media or even a blogger and still other days, I’m a singer in a folk duo!

One of the most difficult parts of this creative life is finding focus. Especially when you do many different things! I used to think I could sharpen my focus to just one thing, now I know that is a cause of many a creative death! I am convinced I have attention deficit disorder, actually, I think we all have it in some form or another. I get bored easily. I move on to other projects to keep my inspiration. What makes this difficult is when it comes down to NEEDING to get my work done! I am a one woman business, well, really, with my husband we are a partnership, but there are no employees, no one to make sure everything gets done! Except ME. Perhaps one of these days I will figure it all out, but until then, I keep my to do list full of the multitude of creative projects and do my best to even it all out and keep some semblance of organization and focus! Just figured I would share this little tid bit about myself for all of you out there who think I have it figured out! NOPE! I’m just like every other artist out there, a work in progress!


3 responses to “The Varied Life of a Creative Person

  1. only focus will get you away from attention deficit disorder… 🙂

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