Jumping OUT of my Comfort Zone

Paula Manning-Lewis and Aaron Lewis playing at Uno's in Las Cruces

Me and Aaron playing our set at our first gig

I apologize for the long gap in between posts. I had planned on coming back from our trip and first GIG with photos and possibly videos to post. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera and so I only have the one blurry photo taken by a friend on his phone!

The gig went VERY WELL! I was a bit nervous and it was my first time singing with a mic, but after a couple of songs it was so much FUN! Many of my Las Cruces friends showed up, so it was nice to feel completely supported. I received lots of great feedback and compliments. I am READY to get this show on the road!

We spent two nights while we were there recording a couple of demo songs in my brother’s studio. I’m hoping to be able to share them here very soon! Travis is still working on mixing and mastering them. We recorded “Sundown” (Gordon Lightfoot) and “Greenback Dollar” (Kingston Trio). Stay tuned as I will release links to these recordings VERY soon! I almost forgot, we came up with a name for our trio! We are now officially the “TAP Folk Trio” TAP is the acronym for our names, Travis, Aaron and Paula!

Now, back to my visual art! I have made a decision to focus more on the music side for now. However, that said, I am NOT going to give up my art completely! I am going to work on getting my prints back in the swing of things. I have neglected my print line for years, though I have still made them available, mostly online. My new goal is to put together a line of prints using images I already have. Concentrating mainly on originals the last few years has taken a LOT of time! While I will still occasionally paint and have originals available, including all the paintings I currently have in stock, I will put most of my work into getting my prints out there. I have long needed to get my work out in the “REAL” world of shops and shows, not just here on the internet. I will, of course, still have my work available online. Now I will work on getting it OUT THERE as well. I have already decided what my next print will be! I am creating a small poster using the “All About Love” series. I will post a photo of it once it’s done. Stay tuned…..

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