vacation over!

Back at work on a new series

Back at work on a new 9 canvas series

It wasn’t really that long a vacation! There has just been a LOT going on around here lately. Took some time off from painting, since I was feeling dried up of ideas. Sometimes, time off to recharge the creative batteries is a good thing! I think so anyway, and it has proven true as I am excited to get back to my art and have many ideas flowing through my head.

back at work two

currently working on….

Currently, I am picking back up on an idea I started over a month ago. The name came to me today as I painted. “All About Love”. This is actually part series, part multi-canvas piece. 9 – 6 x 6″ canvases all with a heart in different color combinations. That’s the beginning….. These are still works in progress.

All About Love

“All About Love”, nine 6 x 6″ canvases, work in progress

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