Time in the studio at last!

original oil painting in progress

work in progress 1

OK, so it hasn’t been all that long since I’ve had time in the studio….it just feels like it because I’ve been so unproductive lately. I decided that part of my problem was the arrangement of furniture in my studio. The feng shui is all blocked by the clusterf*ck of crap in here. So, now that I’ve rearranged everything it just FEELS so much better. Last night I gessoed a bunch of old paintings so I can paint over them. No point in holding on to a bunch of really bad paintings! I have finally gotten back to painting and here are a couple of progress photos of my most recent piece of work. No title on this one yet. Still not feeling 100% after being sick most of this week. Not thinking very clearly.

original oil painting work in progress

work in progress 2



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