Where I’m coming from….and where I’m going

Today’s blog post is jumbled up in my head with a multitude of different ideas and themes. It started out as an update on our experiment to live without a car. During meditation this morning, the “Love, Pass it on” project came back to the front of mind. A reminder that I had let the ball drop on that important project. Then there is a looming deadline, my art show in November that I need to get ready for. On Monday, Aaron and I were asked to appear on a local public access show to talk about the Occupy Wall Street movement here in Albuquerque. That show is tonight and I still need to do some preparation for that as well. When it rains it pours, right?

Today, I multitask as my mind swims with ideas. In between painting, building frames, writing and now blogging, my mind is awash in thoughts, goals, plans and what to do next. There never seems to be enough time to do it all. If only I could get by on 3 hours of sleep per night! Please bear with me as this blog post takes on the maze that is my mind and tries (possibly in vain) to tie it all together in one blog post.

We have now gone four months without a car. That statement is a bit misleading, we have borrowed our parent’s cars a few times over the past four months. Usually for a day or two when we have errands to run that require a car. Picking up a bale of straw and a 50 lb. bag of feed for the chickens for example. Or more accurately, whenever we go over to the parental home and they insist on us taking their extra car because they aren’t using it. I am starting to think they don’t believe that we CHOSE to give up our van. REALLY, it WAS a choice! It’s almost as if they feel bad for us and can’t understand “how can you possibly live without a car”. I PREFER living without a car! Seriously! The only issue we have run into is visiting Aaron’s parents, who live in one of the only areas of Albuquerque that is totally void of a bus route. The closest bus stop is 2 miles away from their house. Though it is quite a lovely walk when the weather is nice.

My life is almost stress free without a car! Riding the bus has given me more time for reading or just plain relaxing and reflecting. We have met some interesting people, but perhaps the best thing for me? I no longer feel any guilt about giving my money to the oil companies, polluting the earth or not getting enough exercise. Which reminds me, I have now lost 22 pounds! I credit this weight loss partially to having to walk to and from the bus stop or just walking to that next bus stop when the bus is going to be a while. I also credit it to switching to a mostly organic diet. No more processed foods, eating meat only once or twice a week, LOTS of local and organic fruits and veggies (thanks to Los Poblanos Organics, our local CSA). In short, I LOVE USING PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION!

Living without a car leads me into my next topic. Occupy Wall Street. Yes, I have been out there. No, I haven’t camped out. OWS excites the HELL out of me! I am so happy to see this movement FINALLY happening! It has been a long time coming. I have been waiting for this since the election of 2000. I had a conversation with an older woman at the first local rally about the fact that she has been waiting since the Reagan years for something like this. This is a topic for it’s very own blog post. IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME WE (THE 99%) ARE TAKING OUR COUNTRY BACK!! I will spend more time writing a more thoughtful and intelligent post about this topic very soon.

Now, for my “Love, Pass it on” project. I blogged about this project when I first started it. The idea is to take the “Free hugs” idea a step further. I created a few paintings for this series and plan to have stickers made with the images that will say “Love, Pass it on”. The vision that came to me in meditation this morning was of me, wearing a sandwich board that says “Love, Pass it on! FREE HUGS”. I will walk down Central Ave. (Albuquerque’s main street) handing out free stickers and giving free hugs. All the while telling people that I LOVE them, unconditionally! This is what the world NEEDS! People going out in public and telling strangers that you love them! I’m sure there will be people who think I am just a nut case, but they can have a free hug too! I am GOING to do my part in my small way and my hope is that it will catch on and others will do the same thing. I am hoping to find someone that would be willing to video my first time out so I can share it on you tube and facebook. So many people out there have NO love, no one to go home to, no one telling them “I love you”. Imagine what the world would be like if EVERYONE felt loved!

Last but not least, I am getting prepared for my first art show in over a year! My son, Bryan, is now getting started as an artist and asked me about doing a show at the studios. We decided that it would be really awesome to have a “mom/son” art show, so that is what we are doing! In addition to our art show, it will also be an open studio night for the artists at Chroma Studios. I will post more info as the dates get closer. November 11th and 12th, 5-8pm, at the Central Ave. location of Chroma Studios. Hope to see my local peeps there! 🙂


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