New canvases!

original oil painting on canvas

"Fireworks in a Dry Land", 12.5 x 12.5" oil on canvas, $195

I do believe I’ve finished it! The title is “Fireworks in a Dry Land”, thanks to Judy for suggesting it! 🙂

original oil on canvas flower fireworks

Root Chakra, 8 x 8" oil on canvas board, work in progress

The second is a work in progress I started last night.

photo of new canvas on easel

The last photo is the new canvas now on my easel. It’s a gray linen and I’ve clear coated it. I saw a lovely painting in Santa Fe when I was last up there of a lemon on a gray canvas. I believe the artist’s name is Mary L. Parkes, though I couldn’t find the lemon painting on her website. The canvas showed through in the background, and it looked lovely! Her painting inspired me to not cover the entire canvas on the next painting. The gray linen is just so lovely all on it’s own!


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