Love complete!

oil painting on round board original love art

Love, Pass it On, oil on round board, 20" diameter

I have finally finished my “Love, Pass it on” painting! So excited! If you missed the original post, you can read all about my “Love, Pass it on” project. I was in a bit of a lull, until Friday evening. Aaron and I went to see the documentary film “I AM”. It was beyond inspiring! I jumped right back in to the painting Friday night. In fact, I was up until 3 am in the morning! I finished the painting today after spending all day Saturday doing laundry at the laundromat(our washing machine is not usable right now, long story!) for the first time in over 15 years! Then we spent the evening hanging out with a friend and our oldest son after helping said friend move.

Next step in this project, having stickers and t shirts made! I am one step closer to helping spread love around the world. I am pretty sure I will send an email to Tom Shadyac, the director of “I AM” about my project. He talks in the film about what the world needs, LOVE! Seems to be a theme everywhere I look these days. Is someone trying to tell me something?

2 responses to “Love complete!

  1. Paula, it’s beautiful! I especially like the shade of purple you used juxtaposed with the soft pinks!

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