New Peace Paintings

original oil painting on canvas Peace

Inner Peace, 6 x 6" oil on canvas with painted sides, $85

After some recent feedback on my Peace Series from years ago, I have decided to continue/add to the Peace Series with some “new” Peace paintings. These are the two I recently finished, more are on the way. These are both small paintings, the round one is 5 inches diameter and the square one is a 6 inch canvas. I seem to be in a yellow/orange/blue color combo mood these days. Actually, I just hate to waste paint and will continue painting in a certain color combo until I have used all the paint on my palette.

original oil on round canvas peace painting

Lovely Peace, 5 inch diameter canvas, original oil painting, $25


One response to “New Peace Paintings

  1. I love them Paula!!! Woo!!! You go girl!!! *HUGS*

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