A New Year Begins…..Again!

Once again, it is the first day of a new year. Every year we have a fresh start, every year a new chance to follow our bliss. I haven’t had any resolutions for years, mainly because I don’t like the stigma attached to the word “resolutions”. You know, no one ever really keeps those things do they? So, like every other new year for the past 5 or so, I have my “Goals” list. Instead of resolutions. I’m still working on my list for this year, but the main theme of this year’s list is “ME”! This year I promise myself to be selfish, to accomplish goals for myself and no one else. Closing the gallery is a huge part of that. This year I become a full time ARTIST again! NOT a gallery owner, a show curator, artist representative or anything that has anything to do with other artist’s work. Apologies to all my artists, but this is the last time I will say sorry for taking my art career and my life in to my own hands. Up until now I have always had something to “fall back on” in case my art didn’t sell. Well, my art is and always has sold, so why do I need the back up plan? In fact, the rate at which my art sells is directly proportional to the amount of time I spend on it. So, that said, this year I will spend everyday working on MY art; painting, promoting, selling, etc. Plus, I have all good intentions of starting, writing and FINISHING my first book, the story of my life.
The year 2011 is one I’ve been waiting for, counting down to, anticipating for quite some time. My 18 year old and youngest son will graduate from high school in May! Having been a mom for my entire adult life, and even a few years BEFORE I became a true adult, I am about to embark on an entirely new phase of life, one where I get to spend time on ME! The word NO is about to become a much more frequently used word in my vocabulary. NO, I won’t be your taxi, NO, I can’t serve on that committe, NO, I won’t bring you lunch, NO, I’m not going to pick up the phone EVERYTIME it rings! I come first in my life now, I am grateful for my life and look forward to 2011!


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