My Story

I’ve had something swimming around in my head for years now. My Story, writing it, in book form. While meditating the other day I asked the question, “what next?”. The answer that immediately came to me was that I should be a motivational speaker. I could do that, I thought. I truly don’t mind public speaking and I love to motivate and inspire people to follow their dreams. My question was answered by another question, as my questions often are. How do I do that, and then, where do I start? Well, the answer to this question was, with your life experiences, your story. I have been thinking for some time that I have a pretty good story to tell. As my best girlfriend put it, “Yours is a gripping story of hardship, determination, success and true love.” I would like to add inspiration, following my dreams no matter the cost, insecurity and lots of love. I have already created my outline and will start working on the first chapter as soon as I finish this blog post. I have also already written part of the story here on my blog in “My Art Story; 1991-1995”. There is a lot more to it all now of course. So, stay tuned, I plan to post excerpts of my writing here on the blog as I go along. Hopefully, it won’t take me years to complete. I spend time writing in my journal everyday, so I am going to use that time for writing my book.


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