A Blue ribbon!

This morning I was pleasantly surprised with an email from the woman who licenses my designs for fine art needlepoint canvases. She received an email from a woman talking about one of my designs and forwarded the message on to me. For those of you who don’t know it, I create designs for a manufacturer of needlepoint canvases and threads. I paint the original design directly on needlepoint canvas and then the manufacturer has the design copied for sale in needlepoint shops across the country. This year, two women stitched my design “Daisy” for the American Needlepoint Guild seminar competition and one of them won a blue ribbon!! Here is a link to one of the ladies blog posts about it.

Here is an excerpt from the email I received today;

One of your beautiful canvases was very popular as I saw it over and over again at the American Needlepoint Guild seminar this year, which is actually one of my favorites. It is the large flower, maybe a sunflower done off center in whites and greens with a purple, mauve background. I am sure that I should know the artist, but it escapes me right now. There were two of them in the exhibit, one winning a blue ribbon and then there were 2 ladies that were stitching it in our class. Maybe future ribbon winners!

One response to “A Blue ribbon!

  1. Dear Paula – Love your work and would like to purchase some of your needlepoint canvases for my store. Can you let me know which manufacturer produces them so I can order? Thanks.

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