Light of Love

New canvases came in the mail on Friday, the day I decided to stay home and clean house! By the time I got in to the studio on Saturday I was dying to get some paint on those canvases. Below are progress photos of my latest painting “Light of Love”. Started on Saturday and completed this morning. I came in on Sunday for a few hours because I couldn’t stand being at home while this painting was hounding me. The title came to me immediately when I started on Saturday. Inspiration from the Divine poured through me like a geyser. These are the moments I live for as an artist. Pure joy.

This is a 30 inch square canvas, with 5 more blanks waiting to be hit with inspiration!

Progress pic #1 end of the day on Saturday

Progress pic #2 Sunday afternoon

Progress pic #3

Progress pic #4

Progress pic #5, end of the day Sunday

Progress pic #6, Complete! "Light of Love", 30 x 30" oil on canvas


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