Why I Paint….

This question was posed to me by watching a video from the TEDx series. Good question really! So, I’ve been thinking over my reasons for what I do and here’s a short list of what I’ve come up with.

I paint because I want to create more beauty in the world…..

I paint because I want to spread love, peace, and hope…

I paint because I believe art can help bring us all to a higher consciousness….

I paint because I want to bring the sunshine indoors…..

I paint because I have so much love/emotion/peace/hope/etc to share……

I paint because I would die if I didn’t……

I paint because it is my purpose in this life….

I paint because I love the way the brush feels in the paint and on the canvas…..

I paint because it’s who I am…..

I paint because I hope to inspire others to pick up a brush….

I paint because I couldn’t possibly keep it to myself…..

I paint because the world needs something to think about……

I paint because the world needs to know that being an artist IS a way of life….

I paint because I want to kill the myth of the starving artist……

I paint because I love my life…..

I paint because…..

So, my question for you is this…..why do you do what you do?


6 responses to “Why I Paint….

  1. Using TED as a way to formulate an idea is always good. Really great video and a really great post. I’m not going to answer your question here, because I am going to steal this idea/topic and use it for myself.

  2. hey there… just couldn’t let this one go by without sayin’ somethin. first and foremost i have to say, i paint because i have to. if i don’t, it causes pain. and it’s just about the only thing that makes sense and seems to be the only way people will listen to or kind of ‘get me’. not to mention, i love the smell of linseed oil in the mornin’. and the evening. and… well, you get the picture! anyways, i guess i was just born this way…

    • I think THAT is the biggest reason, I HAVE TO PAINT! I hope this means that you are getting back into your studio and getting some paint on your clothes and of course on the canvas! thanks for the comment Efren! πŸ™‚

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  4. I promised you I would, and here you go. I also gave you full credit. I hope you enjoy.


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