Time to Chillllllll!

Life is good and all that jazz. Had a message from my body this past week, telling me it’s time to chill and take it easy for a while. I’ve been feeling sick for about a month now along with some abdominal pain, so I decided at the urging of friends and family to go see a Doctor last Friday. Turns out I have gall stones and will need surgery to remove my gall bladder. So, I’m scheduled for surgery March 31st. Of course, wouldn’t you know it, the Wednesday before my featured show in the gallery not to mention our 2 year anniversary show and open studios at the gallery! So, somehow I have to figure out how to get a show’s worth of new art work, plus get everything ready and still take it easy on my body for the next month. Thankfully, we have some really incredible people in our community of artists and I have had numerous offers of help for the preparations. I am so incredibly grateful for all the wonderful people around me! They can help with getting the gallery/studios ready, but I still have the art to make. Luckily, that is a relaxing activity for me! So, today I plan to spend the day, or the rest of it anyway, in my studio, painting for my show. I have so much work to do for the gallery, but I will postpone it until next week after a couple days off. I didn’t get much downtime this past week and I really need the rest!

In other, family related news, my youngest son Nate, the jock of the family, was visited at his high school this past week by a college football recruiter! He has always dreamed of playing football in the NFL and has played off and on since the 5th grade. This past season in his high school league, where he played quarterback, he was ranked as the number one quarterback! He goes to a charter h.s. and the league is small, but still he attracted the attention of the UNM football program! The recruiter told him they have seen his video from this past season and they will be coming to some of his games during his senior year! So, it looks like he may get to move on to the next level and play college football! I’m so very proud of him and he is beyond ecstatic! We’ve always encouraged the boys to follow their dreams, it’s just so amazing to see them going for it! My oldest son is now working as a concept/storyboard artist for a local independent movie studio! Something he was unsure he would make it into. It makes me so happy!

Just proves that anything is possible all you have to do is set goals and follow your heart! Dreams DO come true!


One response to “Time to Chillllllll!

  1. I don’t get it…I’m subscribed but I never get any email notifications that you’ve updated your blog.

    Nate wants to go NFL??? I never would of guessed, I guess cause when I first met him he was such a tiny little kiddo. *lol*

    And Bryan got a new job in the biz? How did I miss this? ayyyyeee, I’m so hairbrained these days!

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