Latest Progress; Continuing the Love Theme!

In progress, 22 x 22" oils on canvas

Now that the Peace and Love show is up and open, I’m moving on to working on paintings for my April show. I’m still working in the Love theme though. Once the show was up I had a vision for this painting, so I figured I’d go with it. I always pour love into my paintings, so it makes sense that this one is actually centered on the actual word “Love”. This painting is still in progress, and my original vision was to obscure the word love into the background. Still unsure if that will eventually happen, it really wants to be front and center in the painting. Only time will tell, because I let my paintings take me where they want to go. It’s been slow going this week as I have been feeling a bit under the weather. Finally broke down yesterday and stayed home in bed for a bit of extra sleep. I about went nuts once I woke up and didn’t end up resting all day. My mistake, as I am now feeling ill again. Perhaps I will get some real rest in this weekend! But not until Sunday as we have two concerts here at Chroma this weekend, one tonight and one tomorrow night. Not even mentioning the fact that my brother’s band, Wormhole, is in town tonight to play at the Atomic Cantina! Still unsure if I will be able to stay awake until their midnight start time! UGH! I’m going to try though! Haven’t come up with a name for this new painting yet, ya think it will have the word love in the title? Maybe…….I’m thinking of titling it something totally off the topic. Who knows!!


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